In recent piece, I explained to you how hard it was to argue our side on campus back when Ex Oriente Lux was in power and anybody was laughed at who didn't know that "Modern anthropology had proven all races are equal in innate abilities."

As that began to collapse, partly due to our efforts, all debate on racial issues on campus began to be suppressed by violence and firing of tenured professors. It is IMPORTANT to realize a rule that, if we saw it in any other society, would be obvious to us.

Our ruling religion is like any other religion. When the argument goes against it, it resorts to any means at its disposal.

ANY means.

SO having established WHY they use these means not only tells us we are winning, but it also makes it critical that we STOP regarding THEM as all-powerful. If they were all-powerful, then they would not hesitate to have squashed us.

Who ARE "they?" "They" are the people who are stuck in the 60s. They are the Jews, mostly REFORMED Jews whose only aim is destruction (not the ones in the curls and funny hats we love to have pictures of).

THOSE are our enemies. Most of them are OLD. On the other side of any issue, you will find that there is more and more restlessness with them.

"Conservatives" today have gone back to their pre-1960 stand of being nothing but liberals forty years out of date.

It would be funny if it weren't real: Just as 60s liberalism is being repudiated on the left; it is becoming the Gospel of the right. That is why you don't fit in with the conservatives any more. They're back to being conservatives, which means they are back to being the champions of the last wave of radicalism.

It is frustrating that I still have to use the word "liberal" to be understood. But if you were not off on some bellyache that you would be on if I had never been born, you would see WHY.

As I have ALSO said here until I almost throw up having to say it again, language is USAGE.

"Conservative" is a generic term for anyone who opposes the latest Political Correctness. And the latest PC is libservatism, the MELDING of Fox and CNN, the standard liberal-"respectable conservative" debate.

So what usage calls "conservative" is opposition to ANY PC fad.

What paid commentators call conservatism is Bush. What the MEDIA calls conservatives are half of the "they." Media "conservatives" are what keeps PC ALIVE.

Understanding what I have just said requires a LOT of rethinking. There is simply no room in the same mind for twentieth century thinking and Bob's thinking.

Medicine only got rid of bleeding for pneumonia when it REJECTED Galen and the Latin and Greek and started thinking in terms of what WORKS.