I have said many times that when a respectable conservative is called a racist, he goes into fetal position and pees on himself. What he NEVER does is ask "What is a racist?"

In fact if anyone DOES ask "What is a Racist?" it will be the guy earning his bread as a professional respectable NON-liberal who will lead the lynch mob against him. There is a commonsense point here. Liberals are not afraid of economic arguments, gun control arguments, or abortion arguments.

But the media is closed to anyone who mentions race. In fact, the word "racist" is used today in exactly the same way "Jew" was denounced in Nazi Germany and Stalin was praised in the Soviet Union.

If you wanted to survive.

When those top trusted "scientists" were sending each other emails about how they were going to withhold any data contradicting global warning, I thought about RACE. When a black reporter won a Pulitzer writing made-up articles for the New York Times, they had memos inside the New York Times making it perfectly clear that they knew he WAS making them up and they couldn't figure out what to do about it, I thought about RACE.

When the Washington Post featured columns of made-up interviews that won ANOTHER Pulitzer Prize for another black, this one female, I thought about RACE.

And I want YOU to do that before I die.

No one but me ties this to RACE. Each person giggles over how the current craze that makes the current news like global warming hurts, but no one makes it a general question any more than the slavish little respectables do, thought commenters are endlessly beating their chests about how above that league they are.

It is time we went to the words "I don't believe you." Instead of ANSWERING what they say a BUGS person, a Mantra person, should ask why he should believe people who keep discrediting themselves.

On the Holocaust, I simply say that I don't believe ANYTHING a government REQUIRES you to believe. On the subject of race, it is obvious that on a subject that is OUTLAWED, there is no objectivity in the SPIN given to reports.

This is not new wisdom:

Consider the source.

O'Reilly is right about one thing:

A Spin is a lie.

In fact a pathological liar tells the truth more than ninety percent of the time.

It takes a LOT to be credited as a source of information. It takes very little to be DIScredited.

William Rusher, publisher of National Review, wrote that he went to an independent convention and brought back his own observations. His staff did not believe it until it was in the New York Times.

When something comes up like the global warming scam, you can either use it to back conventional conservative policy or use it as a chance to repeat the other examples I gave above. You can say something everybody will forget next week or you can use it as one more nail in the coffin of our enemies, to DISCREDIT every single word they say.

Our radio warriors are finding out first hand that they need to keep up with the news to expand their audience. At this stage, that is critical. It is critical that some of us keep hammering at the basics, develop things like "I don't believe you?" "What is a racist?" and the presentation of the Mantra.

We have to hammer it down to what WORKS before we can ask our White Rabbit or Trucker Roy to start to use them. They have their job, we have ours. USE it, APPLY it. I have done that with many, many things, and they are USED.

The Mantra was too long for Trucker Roy to use. But he got onto the first sentence:

AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYBODY. Our broadcasters have to REALLY get hold of something. They have to be able to USE it, and that is an entirely different thing from just putting a piece in the comments about how you interpret it.

I can USE the whole Mantra in personal or public debate. But on the radio it's different.

When people tried to change the Mantra, I warned them that the Mantra was not made up, it was practiced. You are learning that is very different from an intellectual debate about "hitting those points."

As The Trucker and the White Rabbit will tell you, including our logic in a discussion people WANT to listen to is a lot trickier than preaching from my position here, just as "hitting the points" and expecting people to understand the implications is entirely different from what you learn in actual discussion and press conferences.

We are not trying to revive Traditional Values. We are not in the business of digging up corpses. Our job is to hurt them where they know it is fatal, on race. Our weapons differ so we must each direct our own fire.

Just keep your powder dry and your scope clean.