Here I respond to April Gaede at alt-right on her use of the phrase "anti-racist."

She and her husband faced off with the terrorist fringe of the "anti-racist" movement, but then again in today's America who is against "anti-racism?"

So like in the USSR, who was against communism? (Even if the gulags were a bit extreme.)

Lesson: when the phrase "anti-racist" is used you sideline millions of people much as millions of people in the USSR were sidelined because "everyone was a communist."

Mantra logic is the dissection and destruction of the "assumption" that exists in all ideology and theology.

I've long asked myself for a short succinct definition of Mantra logic. I think I have it now.

Eg; The ASSUMPTION that there is no human nature.

The ASSUMPTION that anti-racism is exactly that and not just anti-white.

Notice how our N&Jers and Crime and IQ professors never attack their counterparts' assumptions? Wonder why their effectiveness is basically zip?

On another thread one of our professors lectured me about Stephen Pinker's Blank Slate with the assumption that Pinker is a nice man who means well. Pinker is guilty of promoting our genocide therefor I assume he is not a nice person. You decide folks is Prof. HP right or little ol' me?