I feel a shift in the air; I think Political Correctness has about shot its wad. For decades they have pushed their agenda on the public, an agenda nobody asked for or wanted. PC only exists in name, the media and the professor priesthood prop up the whole phony thing, it is similar to the Soviet Union in many respects.

The Soviet government was propped up by the western press and the intellectuals, they gave it legitimacy it never deserved and could not survive with out. Reagan said tear down this wall, Eastern Europe pushed for freedom and a vacuum occurred that brought the entire rotten system crashing down.

Its people, every day people, who hold the real power and when they unleash it the media and the intellectuals will kiss their asses in fear and stand by and witness what real power IS.

I think PC will come tumbling down, I no longer worry about it like I use to, and Bob's blog has given me insight into how things really work. PC is evil by the fact that it will not tolerate opposition; anything lacking real substance or benefit uses all its energy trying to stay alive.

Compare PC to liberal talk radio, in the open market, liberal talk radio fails every time, it's based on nothing, it's 100% wordism. Now there is talk of using the Fairness Doctrine, liberals think they are being shut out and they should be allowed to have their say.

In the free market these idiots cannot compete, its hollow, empty, and wordist and so is PC but then again it's all the same. PC is a cripple on crutches, one is the professor priest hood the other is the media, and the cripple is heading toward softer ground.

Don't give up, keep posting the Mantra. I like to start conversations on topic that will elicit the expected PC response and then gently exposed the stupidity of PC and it really gets people thinking. I do it casually like it's an idea that just came to mind, that way it feels non-threatening to others, we need to remember that most of us have been taught not to think, just keep putting out the message.

Comment by Alan


This reality, that Political Correctness is coming down, puts more rather than less responsibility on OUR shoulders. Our example of the Soviet Union is the one we need to concentrate on. As I said, not one single "expert" on the USSR had the SLIGHEST INKLING that it was going under. Only Solzhenitsyn kept repeating that he was amazed at how seriously Western "intellectuals" took Soviet Marxism so seriously since ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the USSR did.

I know this country the way Solzhenitsyn did his. Only Solzhenitsyn could SAY that, because any other ex-Soviet who made a living writing in the West had to please his American or European pay-masters, and none of them would tolerate the words, "That is a silly system that is barely surviving from day to day on US oil buys and bailouts." If you make your living Analyzing the Soviet Alternative, you don't just they're a bunch of bloody idiots.

IT'S A JOB, gang!!!

They've got LIVES, you know. Pros don't stay pros by throwing their livelihoods away in the name of some kind of truth any more than anybody else does who says he "has a life."

I certainly could have gotten a lot more titles and better pay if I had gone the "I have a life" route. But what I wanted was POWER, and I GOT it. It was not a sacrifice. It was a tradeoff. I cannot imagine an emptier feeling than the one I would have looking back on a lifetime of becoming Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and a longer list of articles and books in my resume.

Sacrifice? Well, it was EXTREMELY hard, but keep in mind that I did NOT live a life of quiet desperation the way most men do. I was NOT quiet, and my desperation always had a purpose only I could see. Standing on that bridge in the Moscow winter and fingering the Kremlin was only one of my private celebrations.

Let me disappoint those, if any, who would like to regard me with awe. My EGO was involved. You see, the woods are full of ex-governors and ex- Deputy Assistant Secretaries of the Navy and even successful authors. But I am one of a tiny number of people who can say, late in life, that he was the ONLY one who even came close to doing what he did.

How egotistical can you get? But it is an egotist's dream: It is absolutely TRUE! What could you trade for THAT?

This is important to YOU, because you are in the same position now. So let's continue with what ONLY I, and ONLY MY STUDENTS, can do.

The disaster of hiring all those Sovietologists who completely failed is like the failure of American intelligence before 9/11. No one was ever punished for it. Hell, no one was even officially CRITICIZED for it!

The disaster was that, when the whole viciousness silliness of the Soviet Empire collapsed, NOBODY had done any planning whatsoever about a post-Soviet Russia. And, as Alan would have said if he had EXTENDED on his thoughts here, no one but us is doing any planning for a post-PC America.

The only interest in my work anyone has is to ask, "HOW will it end?"

Don't ask me that. Go find yourself a damned Gypsy.

Our job is to ride the beast down. But as we do it, we must not, as Pain says, just be the village atheist griping at people about their faith.

The fatal problem with PC is very practical: as Alan says, it has no answers.

When I look at books from the 1950s it is hard to even imagine how seriously all colleges back then took the most hair-brained crap about bureaucrats running everything and how human borders were contrary to nature, "You never see a bird or a monkey guarding its border."

My God, but they were silly asses! Genetics meant NOTHING. They BELIEVED that!

Today those ideas, the ones that every sophisticated person believed in totally, the ones they laughed at anyone for contradicting, are so ridiculous you can't even imagine how long and hard the fight was to get rid of them. But we did not do what Pain denounces, we didn't just bitch about how great things were in the old days. We fought for ALTERNATIVES.

I was into EEGs, IQ tests, MMPIs and more; I helped with the original work in these areas that even the New York Times now admits has made the hereditarian view of race mainstream. The first job of Political Correctness and its indispensable allies, respectable conservatives, is to FORGET all that.

So I see today as clearly as Alan does. Power does not mean fighting just to take out powerful people. Power is deciding how you want things to go and MAKING them go that way.

In fact, the failures of Political Correctness make those two words everybody's villain. What we could never say and get listened to otherwise is listened to precisely because it is an attack on everybody's enemy. People listening to us have no idea that we are not just attacking the rulers all of us are learning to despise.

The important point is that, when I attacked liberals and Communists and when I attack Political Correctness, I am building the platforms into people's minds that the NEXT age will be based on.

Look at the Mantra. There is LOT more there than just stopping the flow of immigrants. In fact, it was the IMPLICATIONS of the Mantra that made it so hard to sell before immigration got out of control.

Saving the race: It's not just for Hitler anymore!

Nobody ever notices I am building tomorrow. Nobody notices what seed the Mantra plants. And that is precisely why one obscure guy from South Carolina can DO all I have done.

And that is why a group of me, like Franz Boas' tiny group eighty years ago, can build the future. The way they tried to destroy it.

Welcome aboard. It's great to have company for a change. It will be a hell of a ride.

One of these days, in the middle of a Massachusetts winter, you can get together and give Harvard Gang a Fingering.

Dedicate it to Ole Bob