Using the creeps to get the ideas across is a great method. This may convince many others how creepy they come across and shut them up or bring them aboard our movement.

Comment by Alan B


At the top of my list of creeps is not the liberal, but the respectable conservative, a term I made popular with the old Blog. Your point is dead on. I held my nose and used them to spread the word for over forty years.

A lot of people mistake a bad mood for ruthless determination. So they tell me the Reagan Revolution, in OUR terms, was a fraud.

Well, DUHH! Tell me something I DIDN'T know forty years ago, when it was the Goldwater Revolt.

Brother Dave Gardner used to talk about an Old Maid rocking back and forth on her porch with a frown and saying,

"Well, I COULDA!"

To the Masturbation Generation, the Old Maid represented the height of Grim Determination. They came up with every excuse they could to show that their total lack of resistance to giving the world to nonwhites just showed how Tough and Moral they were.

Unlike the Old Maid, I went in and got screwed.

But I caused a lot of intellectual pregnancies myself.

Back then, "conservatives" of every sort, including the most radical, constituted the only opposition. In fact, the word "conservative" was DEFINED as anyone who opposed the liberal line. "Conservative" simply means you are opposed to Political Correctness, which was then called leftism. "Conservative" has nothing to do with generic conservatism. Political Correctness IS generic twentieth century conservatism.

Now that revolt has gotten so popular that nobody calls himself either liberal or Politically Correct, the creeps who made their careers on those labels have taken over "conservatism." But when paleoconservatives talk about the neoconservative takeover there is a Masturbation Generation tone to their laments. They sound just like Jews. The tear their clothes and lament. "How could this happen to ME!"

Henry Kissinger's invaluable quote as a professional diplomat:

"Any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG."

I have yet to hear one single paleoconservatives ask, "What am ****I**** doing WRONG?"

From Alcoholics Anonymous: "Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results."

I joined the "conservatives" because it was the only rebellion in town. Let me repeat, the name "conservative" is specifically used today to ANYBODY who opposes the establishment in power "Conservative" is the word specifically used to refer to all radicalism, all rebellion, no matter how minor.

But the creeps are PROFESSIONALS. By that I mean they make their LIVING in this game. Nothing was less predictable than that, when liberals were discredited, a major portion of them would reinvent a conservatism they could SELL. Paleoconservatives, as always, were taken completely by surprise when this happened.

The question is NOT why, when liberalism became a word of shame, PROFESSIONALS took over and remade conservatism. Paleos still sit in astonishment at a development that was as inevitable as sunrise.

REPEAT: The question is NOT why, when liberalism became a word of shame, PROFESSIONALS took over and remade conservatism. The question is why paleos did not predict this and counter it.

Until paleos stop being amateurs and bitchers they will lose.

Meantime, I use the creeps AND the paleos to do what I CAN do.