The whole Soviet system is actually hilarious now. And we are free to laugh at it. Granted tens of millions of people died under that regime, but Alan Colmes has pointed out that comparing the agony and death in Ukraine or the Gulag to Hitler's killing of JEWS trivializes the Holocaust.

Billy Graham, Jr. agreed with him. So we can just laugh at the Soviet stuff because the massacre and agony was trivial.

Here were a bunch of eggheads, none of whom had ever held a job, much less met a payroll, who took over the entire Russian economy. When I was a professional economist we constantly had to use UN figures on "The Centrally Planned Economies" that showed the USSR rapidly overtaking the United States. When the USSR fell, we had a look at the naked economy of the USSR, and the entire economy, not just of Russia but also of the whole USSR was less than half as large as that of the Netherlands alone.

But the Reds WERE good at their Ponzi scheme.

They always got a great review from the "intellectuals," especially those in Europe and New England. They knew how to subvert. In short, they were good at POWER.

The cast I want to talk about now is how Stalin handled planning for the German surrender. At Potsdam in 1945 the Allies were startled to find that some of the proposal documents from Russia were dated 1941, when the LAST thing on Stalin's mind was how to handle a crushed Germany.

In June of 1941, Stalin was in total withdrawal at the shock of the German invasion. Every bit of Soviet force collapsed. But within a couple of months, while the Germans were running through the USSR and being greeted with wild joy by Soviets, he set up a group to study how to deal with the other Allies when the Soviet Army entered Berlin.

No such planning group existed in the West.

But Stalin practiced political as well as military strategy. Much of the day-to-day work of the Pentagon is planning for unlikely battles, such as if Denmark's Navy suddenly struck at the US Fleet. But, though he named himself Commander in Chief, Stalin knew he was the POLITICAL warrior who had unseated Lenin and Trotsky.

Hitler fancied himself, with some justification, as a military genius. Stalin knew his talent was political, power warfare, which, in the long run, is FAR more important than military strategy.

So Stalin set up a group to study German defeat when his great concern was survival, just as professional military planners routinely spend most of their time on unlikely scenarios. And, more to the point here, just the way professional POLITICAL planners spend THEIR time dealing with questions that are of no interest whatsoever to the headline hounds.

Stalin figured he could lose or fight an endless war of the type he would have had to fight if Churchill hadn't become fanatically pro-Communist with Roosevelt, or he would be part of a complete Allied victory.

So he had sections dedicated to each contingency. The Soviets came to Yalta and Potsdam completely prepared. The Allies, who had been sporting "V for Victory" signs for six years, had done NO planning for these conferences.

I am a POLITICAL warrior. My military experience is largely limited to discovering that if there is enough incoming, I can dig my nose into solid rock.

As I have explained many times, the probable future of Western countries is based on the idea that a massive influx of non-whites will end the status of non-whites as nothing but the liberals' Faithful Colored Companions.

When leftists were importing Moslems, they thought they were bringing in automatic leftist votes and nothing else. Now they are making the Europe of Hitler look like a Europe of Jew Lovers in comparison.

The future is not leftist revolution. The future is RACIAL. All of our political dialogue has relegated the old economic issues to such a low level that we cannot believe that the budget used to be about all there was to politics.

Where will anti-whites whites, those whose whole interest is in Praise the Lord or socialism, be in the future? Right now they are leading their black and tan minorities, a la Ted Kennedy, but the new natives are getting restless.

Bill Cosby runs into criticism that he is not black enough. Hispanics are getting restless, big-time.

And you ain't seen nothing yet.

My prediction is that political bargaining will without being openly recognized as such, more and more racial. There will no place for a legion of non-whites for whom white liberals speak.

In a social animal, it is critical to be part of some group.

Right now Mommy Professor's white kids, including the white-headed ones who still belong to the 1960s, have a group.

But think about the 60s. Go down Haight-Ashbury where the legions of The Children of the Future hung out. Go there and try to be a hippie today and you will see the future of the Mommy Professors, the antis, who are so numerous today. I saw thousands of the millions of uniformed beads and headband hippies then who said they represented Youth and the Future.

Go to their nests today and you can hear the wind and see the tumbleweeds go by.

Tomorrow the antis, the race traitors, will have to crawl back in. Nobody else will want them. It is time to do some planning for that right now. And we can learn from respectable conservatives what NOT to do.

Neoconservatives are liberals who saw the philosophy they had gotten fat on melting down. They were almost all Jews, but liberalism was largely Jewish.

But the Jews knew when to get off a sinking ship. Respectable conservatives were ecstatic to have such Recognized Intellectuals joining them. Respectable conservatives knew that no rightists were considered intellectuals in New York and New England because these same neoconservatives had destroyed them when they were liberals.

But respectable conservatives were so delighted to have Official Intellectuals deign to speak to them they fell into a love fest: "Anything we have", they told the neoconservatives, "is yours".

And when the antis who suppressed us come in from the cold, many of us are going to say, "These are our racial brethren, especially the non-Jews. Bless their little hearts for they have seen the Light. Let them in."

I don't think I have to tell anybody who can read without moving his lips what neoconservatives DID to conservatives.

So I don't have to tell you what letting in the antis in any way but on their knees and on lifetime probation will do to US.