Dave says, in part,

"But my concern is with white bearing."ME:

I am still convinced that the Boers in South Africa are on their knees because of what I call The Sauron Problem. Sauron put most of his power in the One Ring, and when that Ring was destroyed, he fell.

The Boers invested their nationhood in the reformed Church and the National Party. When those institutions betrayed Afrikaner nationhood, 51% of Afrikaners vote Ja! to end the old South Africa.

I saw what happened to Southerners when their nationhood was invested in the Democratic Party.

In 1948, the Deep South pulled out of the Democratic Party. But Georgia and the rest of the Solid South remained with the hard-left Democrats. I have seen first-hand how hard it is to get people to pry their loyalties away from an institution like the Reformed Church or the National Party or the Democrats.

The same thing happened to the Southern Nation in the Civil War.

Too many Southerners like Andrew Johnson and Sam Houston and Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson had invested their loyalty in the United States. Our mountain and border regions sent more troops to the Union than to the Confederacy. If we had seceded at any earlier time, we would be an independent nation, but too many Southerners were absolutely loyal to the New England commercial empire that was called The United States.

We have invested our nationhood in theocracy, like the Southern nationalist movement, which is basically just a Presbyterian theocracy.

Jerry Falwell is about the only national spokesman who says that if there were a war today between the North and the South, he would take the Southern side. But Jerry Falwell's only real loyalty is to his Book. And in his Book, the only nation he is loyal to is Israel. But Falwell is not alone in this.

People simply will not say, "I am loyal to my race".

By definition, a melting pot is nothing specific. Anyone who is deeply loyal to nothing specific is in desperate need of psychiatric care.

Everybody wants to be objective. The funniest example of this is Ayn Rand. You see, all the word "freedom" means is that you do what YOU want to do.

But this is not glorious enough for a wordist society. So we have to have Freedom, something that is a higher calling than freedom. So Ayn Rand called her philosophy, which is doing what YOU want to do, Objectivism.

You can't follow your subjective preferences without someone telling you how objective they are. The fact that nobody but me laughs at this shows how mired we are in Wordism.

We keep looking anxiously at whether the Powers That Be are responding to the grassroots rebellion. We measure our success, not in expressing our views, but in whether CBS News is reporting on us.

Is George Will mentioning us. Is Pat Buchanan mentioning us?

The Soviet Empire had ALREADY gone down before the media noticed it. They were laughing at cartoons about Ukrainian and Estonian secession that showed those countries in Confederate uniforms.

This hit William Rusher when he finally came over to my side and started demanding a Reagan coalition with the South and "the Wallace Vote," which the media now calls the deciding "Reagan Democrats."

It has been simply blanked out of history that this idea was attacked by everybody, including National Review, of which Rusher was publisher.

The media has forgotten those Confederate cartoons. Since 1980, everybody on National Review has forgotten their cover article attacking me personally.

But, in his book on the Reagan Revolution, titled, "The Rise of the Right," Rusher said, "The staff of National Review doesn't believe anything that isn't in the New York Times."

Stormfronters are always talking about how a revolution is well financed. It isn't.

When the Democrats really ruled America in the 1930s, the money was Republican. In 1932, German cartoons showed Hitler sweating and trying to pay off the NSDAP debt. Money doesn't LEAD to power, money FOLLOWS power.

Afrikaners invested their nationhood in institutions - their church and their National Party - just as Southerners invested their nationhood in the Democratic Party.

But once you give your loyalty to an institution, once you give your CREDIBILITY to an institution, that institution begins to follow it OWN goals.

The traitor head of the National Party got his Nobel Prize. The traitor Reformed Church got its recognition from the World Council of Churches. Southern Democrats did not have to pay the price for disloyalty to the National Party.

Media attention, like money, FOLLOWS revolution.

This is so obvious no one notices the logic of it. A REAL revolution depends on the sergeants in the field, and nobody will notice them until they have ALREADY won. This is why the constant trading of headlines on Stormfront is so damned ridiculous.