ME AND JOHN AND NICK | 2005-07-02

The two main arrestees in this Thought Police Raid were BNP leader Nick Griffin and former BNP leader John Tyndall. I know them both.

John Tyndall spoke at the 2004 New Orleans Euro Convention. He is the kind of rip-roaring speaker who brings the crowd to its feet again and again. He is a hell of an act to follow.

Well, SOMEBODY had to speak right after John Tyndall.

When John Tyndall stepped down from the podium to be mobbed by his ecstatic admirers, somebody had to go up and follow that act.

They needed a sacrificial lamb, someone who was dumb enough and loyal enough to be the anticlimax right after one of the high points of the Convention.

Guess who they picked?

Oh, well, I have taken embarrassment for the cause for lesser reasons.

A few years ago, there was a leadership change inside the BNP and Nick Griffin took over the chairmanship. Once again, both the new chairman of the BNP and I spoke.

At this year's Euro Convention, Nick Griffin searched me out. He was already having problems with the British Government and felt I might be able to help.