ME AND BAGHDAD PETE | 2003-04-05

I went ballistic when the Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2001. That upset a lot of people. They said I had repeatedly talked about the power of the Israeli Lobby, so I shouldn't go chauvinistic when America got attacked.

Nobody raises more hell about the Israeli Lobby and America's criminal subservience to it than I do. But I do not think in terms of abstract principles, I think in terms of loyalties. For all the talk about how secessionist Southerners are "traitors" to the "principles of America", you could depend on us to fight a real foreign invader after all those Lincoln conservatives were collaborating their guts out.

I do not hate America. Liberals hate America.

Peter Arnett is a media liberal who has been repeatedly accused of being anti-American.

No, no, no said all the media liberals. No, no no, said all the media conservatives

Everybody at Fox and all the other networks kept telling us that Peter Arnett was a loyal New Zealand-American and an opponent of the Saddam dictatorship. Now he has gone on Iraqi television and thrown himself openly on the side of the Saddam regime.

Gee, what a shock! Like any other liberal, Arnett doesn't give a damn about Iraq or anybody else. He hates Americans and he hates white people. Almost everybody in the media hates America and white people.

But you've heard the old line: Arnett may have acted like he hated America, but us sophisticated people know that things are not as they appear.

Arnett is an example of the fact that most things ARE as they appear. That's why God gave us eyes to see.