ME AND TED WILLIAMS | 2002-07-20

According to his executor, who was his friend, Ted Williams wanted to be frozen after his death.

Me too.

I am signed up to be frozen myself. Ted's loving daughter wants to cremate him.

My question is "WHY?"

The argument against cryonics (human freezing) is that in the future they will never find a way to bring people back from that state. You will just stay dead.

So what? If they burn you or stick you down with the worms, I absolutely guarantee you will not be revived.

So what does Ted Williams' daughter get out of burning the old man?

The other anti-freezing argument is that, when you come out of freezing, you won't know anybody and the world will be a completely new place to you.

I don't know about you, but that's how I came into THIS world.