The only Preamble that is binding on the United States Government, "We the People of the United States of America and OUR Posterity," was written when this country had no standing army at all.

The Preamble Party says that the size and weapons capacity of our armed forces has no effect whatsoever on the Constitution. Whether we are the last superpower or we have nothing but a Coast Guard and National Guards, the ONLY obligation we have is "to secure the blessing of liberty to OURSELVES and OUR Posterity."

We have no right or obligation to kill foreigners to secure liberty for THEM or anybody else. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people with that excuse, and it is inexcusable and unconstitutional.

We have not only the right, but also the obligation, to shoot a far smaller number of people crossing our borders illegally. We cannot secure liberty for our people without taking our own borders as seriously as we do the borders of Iraq.

The shooting has already started, long since. So we will listen to no outcries about how innocent civilians might get killed. We had no such scruples firebombing Japan or bombing Arabs.

The United States Government has no RIGHT to extend protection to those who are not part of We the People of the United States of America.

Due warning must be given, and after that we will meet all incursions into this country with every means at our disposal.

Innocent people will be killed. Illegal aliens are killing thousands of innocent AMERICANS regularly.

The Preamble Party says that our Constitution allows our government no right to extend protection to non-Americans crossing our border illegally. The Preamble Party says that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL for us to ALLOW illegal aliens to cross our borders if we can stop them by any means in the government's power.