The essential justification for freedom of speech has always been that, contrary to any respectable opinion, the establishment in power THIS TIME may be dead wrong. This has always been the argument AGAINST free speech. How could Holy Mother Church, which had ruled the West for over a thousand years, be wrong? Jesus had said it would always teach the truth.

History has shown that this idea was wrong. Vatican II would have been heretical to Vatican I or the Council of Trent.

By the time the Founding Fathers adopted the first amendment, this rule had been proven repeatedly. Puritan England could not abide the smell of the idea that it could be wrong. The Founding Fathers could look back on a whole history of establishments that could not and would abide the possibility that it could be fundamentally simply WRONG.

One of the mainstays of our established religion of Political Correctness is that "This is 1990" or "This is 2009."

There is absolutely no difference between this and the statement that every other establishment made. It is Marxist, because Marx called his ideas "modern" and "scientific." But the Puritans who called their ideas "Biblical" were not THE LEAST BIT different. Those who declared themselves as speaking for the Vicar Peter said EXACTLY the same thing.

Whether it is Scientific Socialism, Modern Thought, the Gospel of Matthew, or Genesis, you have to get beyond even the hint that there is something special about the establishment today to justify any free speech at all.

Please note: There is NO difference. The advocates of free speech in every age say that all the earlier establishments' enforced doctrines were wrong, but not THIS one. In Islam, as its long decline set in , writers tried to insist that all the realities they spoke of were "beneath the Moon," in other words, they did not contradict Celestial Reality of the imams.

It never WORKS. It can't work. If you admit that, unlike all the establishments in history, THIS one is infallible, then there is no reason for free speech. In that case free speech is, as its enemies in every age have stated, an enemy of the Truth and altogether evil.

So respectable conservatives insist that they ask their masters only to let them lead the lynch mob against those who speak heresy on race, but they also insist that those who disagree with the establishment on the right should be allowed some room to disagree.

This NEVER works. This CAN'T work.

I was reading an article in the Wilson Quarterly that illustrates my point perfectly. The writer was saying that if Hate Laws only served to crush out the last embers of "racist" dissent, it would be just fine. He was as openly agreeing with today's Inquisitors as the Islamic writers who watched their "Beneath the moon" crap die out and the centuries of dead minds in the Middle East begin.

It became brown., and there were no longer any Nordic types, with their suicidal honesty and bluntness, to break the hold of orthodoxy when it got hold for this last time. The Orient has the same problem. It can learn a lot, but once a racially Mongoloid society goes down, there is no one like us there to slowly eat away at the power of orthodoxy.

Once again, this is not a matter of complications. Western society is based on one simple point: established belief can be WRONG, no matter how many priests declare it. We are not Great Intellectuals. We are what make real intellectualism possible, we are down-to-earth, no crap Aryans: Everybody is wrong about SOMETHING, and the more robes the wear, the more likely they are talking crap.

As with the Mantra, we must get by ALL the Shrewd Talk and Authorities and go straight to the reality. The reality is genocide, not racial fairness throughout the world. The present establishment's most cherished truth, like every establishment's most cherished truth before it, is fundamentally wrong.

This is the ONLY reason free speech WORKS. And if our present age teaches us nothing else, it demonstrates that free speech only works in an Aryan society where people will USE it. That is the reason our present establishment is so desperately trying to rid the earth of Aryans.