You are letting me down. I have not had a single comment on the Preamble Party Platform yet and I need them.

Alaska is a prime candidate for a Preamble Party to make a strong showing.

Alaska has problem that have led to an actual secession movement there. It has to do with the appropriation of Alaska's resources by the rest of the country. As a political gesture, we need to side with Alaska on that.

There is another issue that has not been brought up. Alaska has the highest percentage of member of the National Rifle Association of all the states. But they can only drive to the "lower forty-eight" through Canada. At the Canadian border all weapons are confiscated.

All literature considered Hate by the Canadian Government is also confiscated and the carrier can be charged with a crime for it.

I know. Paul Fromm was carrying MY book and it was taken from him when he went home to Canada. My book was taken, questioned, and beaten, but after two months it was pronounced legal by the Canadian Thought Police.

But what bothers Canadians is the fact that they cannot take their guns with them across Canada to their own country.

There are a number of countries like Lesotho and Swaziland that lie completely within the borders of another country. To prevent their being isolated, international law recognizes that such countries have special rights to crossing the surrounding country's borders. The surrounding country would otherwise have the right to a blockade or partial blockade against them, and a blockade is an act of war.

"The Platform Party completely supports the right of Alaskans to all the benefits of resources in the State of Alaska. No resources may be taken from that State without due compensation, and compensation in full."

"Further, Canada has imposed a blockade on the State of Alaska. Citizens of Alaska are entirely separated by land from the rest of the United States, but Alaskans traveling to the rest of their country and citizens of the rest of the United States traveling to Alaska are subject to seizure of property which is legal in other states but not in Canada."

"A blockade, even a partial blockade, in such a case is an act of war under international law."

"The platform party will subject ALL Canadians to rigorous search and siezure until Canada ceases this practice against Alaskans en route to the rest of their country."