JOHN KERRY | 2004-02-07

Back in the old days, the labor vote, (note the small "l"), was one of the bases of Democratic strength. The other base was the Solid South, which guaranteed the Democrats its electoral votes. As liberal ideologues took over the Party, those bases of Democratic strength went away.

Now the Democrats depend on the slavish loyalty of minorities. Minority votes are increasing by leaps and bounds.

Democrats have lost their hold on labor, (small l). Sixty percent of Northern union people still vote Democratic, but Labor does not have the control over them that it used to have.

The Solid Republican South has kept the Democrats out of the White House for twenty-four of the last thirty-six years. Chris Matthews actually repeated a point I have made repeatedly in WhitakerOnline: The last time a Democrat who was not from the Old Confederacy won the White House was John Kennedy in 1960.

No Northern Democrat has occupied the White House since November 22, 1963.

Forty years.

Now the Democrats seem to be about to nominate another Massachusetts liberal, John Kerry.

The Democrats keep doing that. They had Dukakis and Mondale and they got trounced, but they keep nominating liberals from the far North.

I covered one reason for this on November 22, 2003 in the following articles

For the Media, America Begins and Ends in the Northeast

For Old Liberals, Kennedy Was the Last AMERICAN President

After nominating another Northern Democrat and getting trounced, the Democrats ask themselves, "What were we THINKING?"

Well, I was wrong when I said that, based on history, Dean had the Democratic nomination sewed up. So maybe a Massachusetts Democrat will win this time.

I doubt it, though.