"Christianity" CREATED Jews.

"If anybody wants to hear about it, I will explain this."

I'll bite. Explain away. Oh, and by the way, are "judaizers" the same as "zionists" or am I not clear on what you and Shari mean?

Comment by Mark


As I explained below, the Politically Correct student or professor (there is no difference but how many timed they repeated the doctrine) would have ready answer: "You don't know THAT? You are IGNORANT, and I won't bother to answer!"

But it puts an intellectual, who is surrounded by a bunch of keen, seminar-level minds, in a hell of a position. I LOVE being in a hell of a position.

You see, this is so BASIC, to use the brilliant comment discussed below, that every word I say about BOTH judaizing and Zionism is going to be a land mine.

So many people here know so much about BOTH, FROM THE GROUND up, that they can chew me out and spit me up for a misstep. So, on to the fun!

Zionism (he said, treading carefully) is the belief that Jews have a right to a homeland of their own, a homeland made up exclusively of JEWS.

That is the DEFINITION of Zionism. That is NOT what most people mean when they use the term.

First of all, when people say Zionist today, they mean the State of Israel. But Zion does not have to be in any given spot. STRICTLY SPEAKING, a Zionist is one who believes in a homeland for Jews, whether it is in Palestine or at the South Pole.

But that is not the way most pro-whites use the term Zionist. The penalty for being anti-Jew today runs from being ruined professionally to being imprisoned, or both. So those who object to what Jews are doing use the code word. They say they are NOT anti-semitic, they are anti-Zionist.

If I had MY way, I would be BOTH.

As Noah Webster pointed out, in language USEAGE is everything. In today's USAGE, you are anti-semitic if you do not grovel, slobber, and give endless praise to Jews. IN today's USAGE, I am definitely an anti-semite.

Because I am an "anti-semite," I am a Zionist. That is, I believe that there should be a homeland where ALL Jews not only MAY go, but MUST go.

In that land, they would be more than welcome to make EACH OTHER more Jewish.

They SHOULD Judaize each other there. It's called naturalization. But what they do in their own Zion is not my problem.

But when they try to make MY PEOPLE Jewish, when they judaize US, that IS my problem.

When ANYBODY judaizes US, that is MY problem, I don't care who is doing it, Abe Foxman or Pat Robertson. That is what Shari is talking about.

When Jews judaize each other, they are teaching the basic premise of Judaism. The basic premise of Judaism is that the Jews are God's Chosen People. God is only concerned about Jews: "Thou shalt have no other god before me."

This means that the only people God allows to have a loyalty to their own is the Chosen People, the Jews. So if any of US are loyal to our own people, we are defying God.

Jews should be loyal only to Jews AND non-Jews should only be loyal to Jews.

That is why Emma Lazarus and Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman (head of the Anti- Defamation League of B'Nai-Brith or ADL) always took it for granted that white gentiles needed to be done away with in a melting pot while Jews must be preserved. Our destruction is a natural consequence, a fundamental DEMAND, of the Jewish outlook on life.

And that is precisely what Pat Robertson, who is NOT a Jew, preaches. The Chosen People of God are, by definition, AT LEAST the Master Race.

Even a committed pro-white like me would hesitate to say that whites are the ONLY group that has the right to exist.

My own people are the only ones ***I*** am interested in preserving. But it is no part of my program to DESTROY other people's identity.

In fact, I respect those like Stokeley Carmichel who fight for their own precisely because I DO want to preserve my own.

Judaizing is precisely the opposite. Judaizing requires the DESTRUCTION of every kind of identity that is not the preservation of Jews. If you do not demand the destruction of all loyalties except loyalty to Jews, God's Chosen People, you are committing blasphemy in the eyes of Jewish Law AND gentile judaizers like Pat Robertson.

Our destruction is the first law of Judaism.

I get a laugh out of the fact that so many people consider this some kind of Secret Conspiracy. The best selling book in history is the Bible, including the Old Testament Jews cling to.

The best selling book on earth THIS YEAR is the Bible, seventy percent of which is the Old Testament the Jews cling to. You will find that book in every motel room you go to.

If this is a Secret, it is the worst-kept secret anyone could ever imagine!

If my race is to survive, we must stop people who are judaizing us. Most of them today are NOT Jews.

There should be a place for Jews. It should be a place where they will stop infecting US and can only spread their disease to each other. That is my kind of Zionism.