"History is repeating itself. I have been this way before."

I believe that this recurring "plague on both your houses" pattern in your career, and the consequent isolation, results logically from your definition of race. If I recall correctly, you define "white race" as "white skin".

Although that definition is admirably non-Wordist, the logical consequence is that you must consider most Jews, at least most of those who reside in the United States, to be white.

That, I think, is the real issue: not whether Jews are angels or devils, but whether they're white. And to that question really ARE only two viable answers: yes or no. If your own answer is "no", and I believe that it is, your definition of "white race" needs more work.

Comment by LibAnon


I can't believe you can't figure that out for yourself!

White Jews are enemies because they are TRAITORS to my race. I don't care if you demand the end of my race in the name of Jesus, as most people today do, or in the name of Moses.

As you damned well know, Dante's Inferno said that the worst part of Hell was SOLID ICE. It was the Tenth Circle, the worst of all. But what few people notice is that that part of Hell was RESERVED for only one class of people: Traitors. Dante had an old European mind. Many a time Norsemen would die around the body of their leader rather than surrender. Loyalty was the highest virtue of our blood.

Treason is the worst crime to our blood.

That is why it can honestly be said that anti-Semites can HATE Jews, whereas the idea that the average segregationist HATES blacks is utterly puzzling to him. They don't HATE smallpox viruses or mad dogs or "dumb niggers."

I find a Jew who LOOKS like a Jew harder to hate than an anti-white Jew who looks more like ME. An obvious alien is different, by definition, and that is my natural way of thinking. The more alien he is the less a traitor he is.

A white traitor is a disease. He is a disease if he betrays us in the name Islam or Christ or Political Correctness or Judaism or Vegetarianism. The disease was located largely in New England and among the Jews, but it has metastasized, it was cancer of one part of the body but it has spread to others.

Tell me, which do you like better, an original cancer or one that metastasized? I have no preference at all.