The British Governor of India ended the practice of burning Hindu wives alive when their husbands were being cremated. Even back then protests sounded Politically Correct. "You are interfering in our customs."

The Governor replied, "No, I am not interfering in your customs, I am simply practicing ours. In our culture, if a man burns a woman alive we hang him by the neck from a gibbet. So if you build the structures for your custom of burning women, we will simply build our gibbet beside it."

Apparently the ancient and honored practice was not worth the price and the practice of suttee ceased. By the way, the Brits also did away with the customary thugees who strangled people.

But both suttee and thugee had one thing in common: You killed somebody else, not yourself.

Suicide in old Japan was an apology for a mistake. In post-War Japan a son who had failed the examinations that determined his entire future would often commit as public a suicide as possible, and his family would gain face by it and celebrate it.

I know a lot about Africa, and I have never heard of a suicide cult there.

Then there is Aryan suicide. The Old Norse sayings, the words of wisdom before the arrival of Christianity, contain many, many statements discouraging suicide. One of the reasons Christianity prevailed in the Indo-European world is because it sends the suicide straight to Hell forever.

Hinduism did much the same thing for white India. Hindus are not dedicated to Nirvana. That is a notion we brought with us. The ideal of the Hindu is oblivion Both the Hindu and the Buddhist speak of The Wheel of Life, but what we are protected from understanding is that the Wheel of Life is not some wonderful philosophical piece of poetry like the Druidic egg. The Wheel of Life is the curse, the Hell, from which Hinduism and Buddhism seek to rescue humanity.

"Christianity" in the West seeks self-destruction in a different way, a non-violent way. But you are just as dead in the end. "Christianity" seeks sterility via chastity. What St. Paul said was "It is better to marry than to burn." This does not, despite what commenters may say, constitute a rousing twenty-one-gun salute to the institution of marriage.

When a ship fires a twenty-one-gun salute to the Commander in Chief as he comes on board, it does not mean, "Well, we can either be burned alive or we can have you on board, so we have decided to let you get on."

I was appalled when some of my commenters maintained that St. Paul was just preaching Family Values. His advice was to UNMARRIED women. It stated in the plainest language anyone can muster, 1) It is better for an unmarried woman to remain chaste for life, even as Paul did, BUT, if she MUST have sex, do it within wedlock, "It is better to marry than to burn."

That is NOT an announcement of Family Values. It reflects the mentality I have seen all my life among liberals and respectable conservatives. I can quote the Mantra, which is their prescription for white suicide as the solution to the race problem, and they, like those commenters, will try to find a way to doublethink their genocide out of existence.

Buddhists are big on chaste monks. They are seeking to end all human existence, that is their ideal. So was St. Paul. And this is a basic tenet of Political Correctness: do away with your race; humans in general are an evil inflicted on the world.

The Jews did NONE of this. New England was the center of American anti-Semitism at the time when sterility and self-hatred, from New England school marms to those who rooted for the Indians against white people in the West, took root there on American soil for the first time.

Jesus taught that ones should treat others as one would treat oneself. It does not take a logician, if he is not brainwashed, to figure out that Christ expected one to treat oneself decently. But with St. Paul and later Mani, this ceased to be a doctrine of doing others good and became a monomaniacal, fanatical dedication to giving oneself the most horrible tortures imaginable, compared to which a quick suicide would be the mercy that oblivion is to a Hindu.

And that, in turn, came from the degenerate form of Zoroastrianism. Two thousand years before Islam took Persia, Zoroaster said that there was a force for good and a force for evil. The force for evil was the god of THIS world, and we must fight that evil in the name of the god of the NEXT world, Ahura-Mazda.

It took a long time for Aryans to turn Zoroaster's championing of the good into a demand for suicide. But by the collapse of Zoroastrianism in Persia, Zoroastrianism was a thousand years old, and as brainwashed and degenerate as "Modern Christianity" today. It went from Zoroaster's very specific preservation of the Aryan race, VERY specific, to the last Zoroastrian shah, and Islam drove out being a mulatto.

Christianity took less than a century to go from Jesus' love to Paul's self-hatred. The reason for this is basic, obvious, and therefore utterly ignored. There was one great empire that was the equal of Rome and that was in constant contact with Rome. It was the one the Magi came from, Persia.

Millions of words of commentary had transformed Zoroaster's demand that men fight for goodness into a demand for total self-destruction. If the god of THIS world is evil, said the theologians, then THIS world was evil. So it must END.

That is NOT what Zoroaster said, any more than Christ said it, but in the first century after the birth of Christ every learned man knew that theology. It is no accident that the semiliterate St. Peter was a married man and the scholar Paul was chaste for life. No one then asked why Christ should demand human sterility because everybody then already knew.

No one asks the same question today because we take it for granted that SEX is evil. But that is NOT what St. Paul or the Buddhists or degenerate Zoroastrianism were aiming at. Today sex is the big deal because we had to reinterpret what St. Paul stated baldly and plainly and what Manichaeism has said ever since: that LIFE ITSELF is the enemy, not sex.

So how did Aryans end up with this constant tendency toward self-destruction?

The answer is basic and simple. No animal asks whether life is worth living if it is healthy and not in agony. It simply stays alive.

Orientals do not commit suicide because they question the value of life itself. They do it for dramatic purposes, and as a sacrifice. But they are not great on concepts anyway. They had gunpowder and turned out some fireworks. They had movable type and printed some playing cards with it. They had life and did not question it.

Aryans DO question it. We are UNIQUELY cursed with the ability to make giant leaps in comprehension. Gunpowder got us on a road that had us on the moon in half a millennium. The printing press QUICKLY caused the Reformation.

The Spaniards have a saying, "If life were worth living, we would not need so many philosophers." Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and the bastard "Christianity" Zoroastrianism brought us all seek self-destruction, of yourself and of your race.

To prevent Aryan from committing suicide, you have to make it worth while. Guilt is the weapon all of the above faiths have used to turn the Aryan mind against its own existence.

And this is another basic. The Aryans ability to empathize and feel guilt is also unique. Our conceptual ability, our making of giant leaps intellectually, makes us able to throw off the animal inability to ask whether life is worthwhile. But without that conceptual ability the world is doomed to an endless anthill of brown-skinned misery.

Our conceptual ability is precious, but so is our empathy. But that same empathy is used to our destruction. Guilt kills us genetically.Our two greatest qualities, not the Jews, are fundamentally responsible for the fact that our philosophers, our Wordists, always find the guilt-suicide mix an easy sell. America has watched New England use it long before there was any appreciable number of Jews on this side of the Atlantic. We gave both New England and the Jews that sword.If you bleed in the water, there will ALWAYS be sharks to take advantage of it.