JOHN KERRY | 2004-08-07

In his speech at the Democratic Convention Bill Clinton hinted at what I have already said.

See June 19, 2004 -- Kerry's Two Fatal Problems.

In that article I predicted that Bill and Hillary would be right up there on the podium backing Kerry all the way. That has come to pass.

I also predicted that, if Kerry picked Edwards as his vice presidential running mate, Bill and Hillary would sabotage him.

Sure enough, in his speech Clinton talked about how young and optimistic and charismatic John Edwards is. Then he joked, "I'm kind of jealous." It is perfectly obvious to everybody that John Edwards is a young Bill Clinton.

Whether or not Kerry wins this year, John Edwards has the inside track to be the next Democratic presidential nominee after him. The next race will be between a young Bill Clinton and the wife of the old Bill Clinton, whether it takes place in 2008 or 2012.

So Kerry can lose in 2004 and Edwards could lose in 2008, which would give the nomination to Hillary in 2012.

Or Kerry could win in 2004 and not win reelection, which would put Edwards on the inside track for the 2012 nomination, the one Hillary needs. That would give Edwards four years of national exposure as Vice President. A young Bill Clinton would be running for the 2012 presidential nomination with four years under his belt as Vice President. By then, the Clintons will be past history.

If Kerry wins in 2004 and in 2008, Edwards will have the 2012 nomination sewn up.

In other words, if Kerry wins in the election, Hillary will be in the position of Teddy Kennedy after Chappaquiddick. Until Chappaquiddick, Teddy Kennedy had the next Democratic nomination sewn up. After Chappaquiddick, Kennedy became a Senate lifer and has-been on the national political stage. That is where Hillary will be if Kerry wins the election.

The Clintons cannot let Kerry win in 2004.