Right now Jews are in such a population collapse they that are jealous of the European countries that are demographically the worst. Practically nobody who talks about neoconservatism really knows what it is.

One of the wellsprings of neoconservatism was a discovery Jews made. Just before neoconservatism got going, in the late 1960s, a few Jews began to discover that all the filth and self-hatred they were putting on the screen to "get" the society they were in - Jews always regard the gentiles around them as enemies, and it is a self-fulfilling prophecy -all that sick crap did in fact hit at the youth. But the youth most drenched in it were THEIR children.

When Jews sponsored Zero Population Growth for gentiles, its first and most fanatical adherents were their own Jewish offspring. So they did get whites to reverse their population growth and adopt third world children instead of having their own, but there was another effect no one even noticed. The JEWISH population took a nosedive.

Israel's population has boomed, but it has boomed with "Pajama Jews," Jews are pouring in from non-white countries. Jews are now the ones with the highest percentage of third world adoption.

If we are doomed, Jews are more doomed. And that was one basis of the rise of neoconservatism. If you will read Commentary Magazine, it keeps harping on the damage liberalism is doing to JEWS.

This family adoption is a natural result of Franz Boas's Hate Based Initiative against white gentiles. Boas came to America from Prussia in the late nineteenth century and proposed that all the minorities unite against the white gentiles. In fact, what Boas proposed was the exact equivalent of Marx's idea that all the poor people should unite behind the "intellectuals," and I don't think it is mystery what group 90% of those "intellectuals" would come from.

Jews of the Boas persuasion, which is the absolutely dominant Jewish attitude since 1945 when the Hitler phenomenon gave Jews a license to stop pussyfooting and kill openly, are able to identify with anti-white minorities the way Jews have been raised to stick together through the millennia. They are as fanatical about anti-white black initiatives as they are about Jewish survival. The result has been that anti-white initiatives have completely destroyed Jewish survivalism.

And Jews are so busy hating us that they really don't know it. Neoconservatives have an inkling of this reality, but they cannot see it, so they are hitting at acceptable targets the way neoconservatives do. Neos and respectable conservatives are looking at words and philosophies while their respective worlds, white gentile and Jewish, are collapsing behind them.

But no one is ALLOWED to notice this. If I say this on Stormfront, I will get the usual shrieks about the infallibility and power of the Jews.

Why can't people see reality? The blacks have already signed their death warrant. Hispanics are now the biggest minority, a status that was once a monopoly of blacks. There is nothing a black can do that a Hispanic can't do better and nastier.

Why can't people see reality? Why spend all your time hating Jews when they have already committed suicide?

How did they commit suicide? They did it by hating US so much that they paid no attention to what they were doing to themselves. A lot of our people want us to concentrate so much on them that we make the same mistake.

Why can't people see reality?