Since I read financial and economic commentary constantly, I have no problem seeing what BW means about "the BASE" and what confusion results through mistaken notions that are fundamental. For example, I just finished reading an essay by a "celebrated academic" premised on the idea that Islam has impeded capital formation because Islamic religious trusts allow only for the accumulation of and retention of real estate interests and morally prohibit unequal profits.

The idea is that the corporation and unlimited executive pay is responsible for the prosperity of "the West", in contrast to the "Islamic East" that prohibits such organizational forms.

Comment by Dave

Rely by AFKAN:This is an observation about getting trapped in academic orthodoxy, a uniquely self-perpetuating series of interlocking myths that will lead to our downfall.

One of the points made by the students of failed societies like Joseph Tainter is that they become overly wedded to one worldview and the world changes. The handful of people who are truly present and responsible at the creation of the next social order see that the old order cannot hold.

Take Vladimir Putin who to my thinking is the foremost statesman on the planet right now. He and those who ally with him saw that the Jewish structures of the Soviet Union were a series of parasitic social overlays that focused on stripping the Russian society of their living heritage and the natural resources of an empire away from the people who serve, to the people who rule. Thus as the inevitable collapse became imminent, the Oligarchs, six Jews and a Shabbats goy front man, literally stole the immense natural and intellectual wealth of the Soviet Union for less than a penny on the dollar.

Putin and his associates saw this as the ideal moment to ignite the Russian spirit and speak to the Russian soul. His identification with living Christian forms of worship is not by accident and still facing what the mind sees as tremendous obstacles, sees with the spirit what is possible for the Russian people, if they can successfully cross a tremendous abyss.

To their credit, raised in a society controlled by Wordists, they looked past the words to the spiritual dynamic forces that gave them life. They then threw off the intellectual bondage of archaic models of reality (that the Wordists have mastered) and chose to create a new more honest social order pretty much from the ground up.

What we worship as economic theory seems to be really little more than intermediate price theory writ large, with the Wordist inversion that the matters of substance, the spiritual foundation of the lives of the people, have become subordinate to the matters of form, market clearing prices, at any cost, in service to corporate forms.

The Islamist model works extremely well because it is inherently organic. Its value as an economic tool is that is a tool, a means to an end, and that end is subordinate to the healthly organic social ordering of society.

Simply stated the Islamic model resembles our cooperatives to a degree with one big exception: Rather than having the dead mechanistic hand of interest as the sole determinant of risk and thus value, their social order replaces it with a series of organizations that are the constructive equivalent of partnership system. This requires that all parties to the arrangement approach it with a much stronger awareness of the risks and rewards inherent in the enterprise. But unlike what our system has become, all of the skills of all of the parties are joined in a common purpose and no one gains mechanistically at the expense of another.

It is our duty as the creative race not be bound by the dead hand of archaic tradition and to remember the great insight of Peter Shank concerning our racial enemies.

The Jews took over this country without firing a shot. They did it by controlling the pictures you see and the words you hear. From that the institutions that control the social ordering of society were easy prey.

Following Shank's lead I have a simple test for the degree to which Wordism has taken over an institution, I just look at the degree to which the institution serves the bureaucracy, the church serves the priesthood, for example, and it becomes obvious as to how much the dead hand of archaic ideals rule the day.

Look at it this way: To what degree does the institution actively reward policies and practices that are the exact opposite of its stated goals?

To that degree the dead hand of Wordism softly and silently triumphs just as termites softly and silently triumph over the living tree.

Overcoming that is our daily battle for our families and our daily duty, on behalf of our race writ large, as the dynamic living bridge between family and culture.