Seinfeld and Krusty have one thing in common and both are emphatically Jewish.

Someone remarked that Seinfeld does not have a single "Aaaah!" moment in the entire series. That is the moment present in the most hard tack sit-coms like Married With Children where despite all the apparent callousness every character has a moment when he shows some decent instinct and everybody goes "Aaaah!" because it is such a disarming contrast to their usual total amorality.

But the characters in Seinfeld are ALWAYS absolutely uncaringly self-centered without any sense of proportion.

They could easily watch a train wreck and notice nothing but whether they should steal the clothes off the corpses. In fact, that very callousness was the basis of the plot of the last couple of shows when they were arrested for laughing at a guy getting mugged because he was fat.

Bart Simpson who helps nobody saved Krusty's life, saved him from prison, a whole list of things, and Krusty never even recognizes him. The only people Krusty has ever cared about were his Jewish father and himself.

Jews are very upset at the name Costanza and that the others around Seinfeld are portrayed as non-Jews. It is an entirely Jewish show and they are upset anything else is presented. It is how they see themselves and they're proud of it!

One episode of Seinfeld had him making out with a girl in the theatre where Schindler's List was playing. The Seinfeld character has no feeling for Jews either. The result is that he and his friends are pure, uncut, obvious, absolute psychopaths.

I don't think Goebbels could have come up with a more damaging and accurate picture of Jews than the Jewish media does.