In 1915 the Supreme Court had to knock down the very obvious violation of the fifteenth amendment that was the Grandfather Clause.

Brian was giving me some particulars about which states allowed women to vote in 1915.

There is a connection here that relates to real history. The problem is that we ignore real history to concentrate on Marxist Historical Inevitability or other nonsense.

In 1920 women were given the vote by constitutional amendment.

So why did the NAACP win its first big legal battle on the Grandfather Clause?

Because no one else at the time was interested in it.

So how did a number of states allow women to vote with a bewildering set of restrictions?

Because, in each state, somebody was INTERESTED.

This is important to BUGS.

While so many others say it's all about Exposing Them, the Conspirators, and the entire commentary class talks about Historical Inevitability, we say that what matters is that WE, we few, are going to get the message manageable, and then we are going to get our message out.

That concept is absolutely alien to the Marxist and the Conspiracy Theorist. They see a world in which Geniuses and Capitalists have taken control.

There is a story in each state which allowed to vote. There is a story in the restrictions in each state.

Brian tells me that a lot of states only allowed women to vote in school-related issues. Every state that allowed women to vote unconditionally was a state that needed to attract female immigrants.

And in a lot of cases, when you look at the state and the exact restrictions, your reaction is "What the hell?"

By which question you are cheating yourself. Behind every single case and every single restriction is a story, a story of someone and of a society and exactly what that person was balancing and thinking about.

In other words, real history.