In its Movies In Time series, the so-called History Channel presented Mississippi Burning. It's a movie that ends with the FBI agent declaring that all us white people are guilty. They are showing it over and over and over and OVER.

Movies In Time is a series of movies about history. It is supposed to present the movie version of real things that really happened. Here is my Video Movie Guide description of Mississippi Burning

"Proving once again that he's the master of movie propaganda, Alan Parker presents this hair-raising account of what might have happened in Mississippi in 1964." By "might have happened" is meant "what could have happened, but didn't."

This is about the South, so approved fiction is history.

It is easy to think of examples of this sort of thing. I remember a show that probably wasn't on The History Channel -- though there is no reason it won't appear there. It showed whites literally starving a sick black family that wanted to buy food. It was in the days of the Evil Segregated South, and a black man needed a loaf of bread for his sick wife.

Naturally, the only place in town that had the life-giving bread -- no, I am NOT exaggerating here -- was a restaurant that only served whites. The poor black man staggered in and stood at the counter and begged to buy bread. Naturally, what Southerners did to a black man with a dying, starving wife was to insult him and throw him out on the street.

Please remember that this particular bit was NOT the story line. This was just an incident in the general recitation of the pure hideous Evil of Southerners.

You know, it's funny. These same Southerners were big heroes to these same people when we were storming Normandy Beach in a segregated army. But once we did their work for them against Nazi Germany, there was simply no limit to the insults they threw at us.

Churchill ran into this in 1945. He had been praised and cheered and flattered by Roosevelt and the Communists during World War II. After all, he was their boy back then. He was carrying their fight against Nazi Germany.

But by early 1945, it was clear that Germany was defeated. So the Yalta Conference was held for Roosevelt and Stalin to decide how to divide Europe between them.

Suddenly the left didn't need Churchill any more.

Now that Hitler was clearly defeated, neither Roosevelt nor Stalin wanted anything to do with this little man from a wet little island in the North Sea. As far as the ruling liberals in America and their ally Stalin were concerned, Churchill the Imperialist was now the same as a Nazi.

Today Churchill's British Empire, which was the heroic ally of the left in 1941, is looked upon as a bunch of naziswhowantedtokillsixmillionjews.

And the divisions that invaded Normandy? They were segregated. Today, that means they were the same as naziswhowantokillsixmillionjews.

Just like white Southerners.

From the point of view of Stalin and Roosevelt in 1945, this respectable conservative Churchill had done his bit for what leftism needed at the time, as had Southerners.

Suddenly, we and Churchill were The Enemy.

All the loud praise and pretense of respect for Churchill's Britain and for the South ended, and ended instantly, in 1945.

Respectable conservatives know they will be dumped when the liberals don't need them any more, but they are always shocked at how abrupt the dumping is. As soon as Germany was clearly defeated, preparations began for the American President and Stalin to get together at Yalta. What most people do not know is that Churchill was not even supposed to be there. British reps had to force it.

Even after all the snubs, Churchill STILL didn't get the message! He went to the Yalta Conference determined to make a stand with the Americans to hold back the Soviets. He was astounded to discover that HE was treated as the outsider. The Soviets and the US were talking to each other, and he was just there on sufferance.

Like American World War II veterans, Churchill did not understand that his usefulness to the left had ended by 1945. From that moment on, he was just in the way.

It's pathetic how respectable conservatives are always whining about how the left let them down.


Remember the shock on Senator Thompson's face when, as soon as the Democrats had gotten what they wanted out of him, John Glenn started calling him names?

When the committee Senator Fred Thompson chaired was assigned to look into campaign financing scandals, the press talked about what a fine, fair man Fred Thompson was.

The senior Democrat on his Committee, John Glenn, talked about what a fine, fair man good old Fred Thompson was.

So good old Fred Thompson wanted desperately to live up to all that praise.

He gave Glenn everything he asked for, time limit and all. Right-wing senators warned Thompson that he was being taken. But Thompson put his trust in his new friend, John Glenn, a man who thought Thompson was great.

I will never forget the look on Senator Thompson's face when Glenn and the media, having gotten everything out of him they wanted, started calling him names.

Respectable conservatives never learn. That's what keeps them respectable.

On a computer newsgroup on South Africa, I saw a piece by an Afrikaner who stated that he had fought his fellow Afrikaners and had always supported South African "progressivism." The leftists told him how great he was, and promised they would support the Afrikaans language and culture after they took over.

Now he is VERY upset. He said he had assumed that the "progressives" were sincere when they said that, after their takeover, they would preserve the Afrikaans language and culture.

He said, in horrified tones, that all support for Afrikaans language and culture was being dropped.

Gosh! Really? The rightist did what the left wanted. Then, once the left got what it wanted, absolutely all bets were off.



What a surprise!

So after the South bore more than its burden in war after war for the United States, we live in a country where lying about us and propaganda against us is standard practice.

We are treated as enemies inside a country that we were told was OUR country. But now it is our country only so long as we are blindly loyal to Five Words and Emma Lazarus (PLEASE read this October 31 article in the Archives. It explains what a Southerner who opposes secession is declaring his loyalty to.

It is our country only so long as we do what they want done. That is the normal reward for blind loyalty to a system ruled by liberals and respectable conservatives.

Let's secede.