History is a description of what happened. How a game of Monopoly is as much history as the life of a Pharaoh or the SevenYears War. But a history teacher who only taught about monopoly games he had heard about might be criticized.

Why is this information produced? History was produced because it told the story leading up to the present. It was supposed to tell us mistakes we may have made, how today's society was built.

History has changed as its "why" has changed. The idea now is to be fair. But if there is one thing history teaches us, it is that fairness is NOT what history is made up of. A history that tried to give Equal Opportunity to all things that happened in the past would by hard to fit into the universe.

Black studies are of little use to person who needs basics in how the society he actually lives in works. He may learn more about the Jabuda practiced in Central Africa than he does about branches of the Unites States Government, but what has he learned?

He has learned about something irrelevant. All Black History can be useful for is telling the old tale of why one group lost and another one defeated it. It could illustrate the fact that the world is unfair.

Marxism teaches that the world is only unfair because of a purely human trait called exploitation. It further teaches that exploitation is a purely human characteristic because human beings are the only animals who have territorial divisions, where one animal has more than another animal does, where a class system exists, all for the purpose of economic exploitation.

Every single one of these superstitions disappeared like smoke in the last half century.

Marxism says that all societies are alike, all are there to exploit the poor and hold them down. We have discovered that no animal society exists which does not exploit the poor and hold them down. In fact, our custom of letting each male have a female is less natural than that of Islam where the alpha owns all the females and any sex the other males have is likely to be with each other.

In the Communist Manifesto Marx declared the ultimate heresy of his time for Communism: "Women in common!" Even a conservative today would find that wording a bit sexist. Clearly women were part of the property that was being taken from the proletariat.

For Karl Marx, History is the Alpha and the Omega. His entire theory was that history goes in one direction, and is based on one imperative: human exploitation. Unlike any philosophy, Marxism HAS an Alpha and an Omega, a Beginning and an End. To a Marxist, "communism" has the same holiness about it that Heaven has to Christians or Paradise to the Jews who believe in it.

For a Communist to refer to anything existing today as "Communist" is exactly like the Pope referring to a place as, LITERALLY, Heaven. A Marxist always refers to a country ruled by Communists as a "socialist" country. It is on the way to a heaven, communism, but when it fails it gives the same excuse any other religion does, it was Imperfect.

Neither a Christian nor a Moslem nor a Marxist is discouraged by the millions of heresies that have failed.

History is a helpless field of study. Black History exists, not to explain anything anybody needs to know today, but to hire blacks and give blacks courses they can pass. The information is invented, sorry, produced, because there is a demand for it.

This is again what everybody knows but no one can say without being professionally ruined.

Everybody knows that, too.