One of the major roadblocks to science is that the preternatural becomes the supernatural.

Preternatural means something for which we have not YET found a scientific explanation. Supernatural means a miracle, something that happens for causes we will never know and in defiance of natural law.

When we do not know the reason for something, it is open to exciting theories. Those theories end up making the whole thing look ridiculous. Atlantis is one of these things. One thing any scientist would have told you up to ten years ago is that, if there WAS such a place as Atlantis, it did not, as advertised, drown completely in a single day.

Plato is the only source we have for a short mention of Atlantis. Actually a whole civilization DID drowning a single day not very far from where Plato lived. In fact, in the very place where this disaster began, the official language was Greek until Constantinople became Istanbul in 1453.

The special value of the city that was Byzantium and then Constantinople and is now Istanbul is that it is the only way ships can sail onto the Black Sea. The Black Sea was created in ONE DAY. What I will call the Black Sea Valley, the area that was land before that fateful day, was far larger than Greece. It was probably very fertile.

The Black Sea Valley was protected from the Mediterranean by the land bridge that existed where Istanbul is today. The bottom of it is still sea water. That tiny land bridge eroded slowly. Then, ONE DAY, it broke. On that day it reached critical mass, and a deluge came roaring across it at about two hundred miles per hour. We are finding other places where this took place, some of them in America.

The most improbable thing about Atlantis is the one that did, in fact, occur. The whole country went down in a single day. The water rushed in, but it rocked back and forth for quite a while. About the only place anyone could have been while it rocked was on a high place on the very edge of the Black Sea, like Mount Ararat.

We have a complete history of the world that does not recognize that anything ever happened in the Black Sea Valley. If you ask over 99% of the population where Mount Ararat is, they will say its somewhere near Israel.