Retards like Gerry Ford say that Republicans can win only if they are moderates, which means they would be half liberal and half conservative.

In the real world, conservatives destroy themselves when they try to please the left.

We are about to send troops into Liberia for exactly the same reason we sent troops into Somalia. Liberals accused Bush Senior of worrying about every continent except black Africa, so he went into Somalia to please them.

Bush Junior is taking military action or threatening military action in Asia, the Middle East, and we continue to keep troops in Europe. So now that there are problems in Liberia, Bush the Second has to send troops there or he is open to the charge that he is ignoring black Africa.

That charge keeps Republicans awake at night. Republicans want desperately to prove that they know that Africa is just like every other continent. They want to prove they do not treat blacks differently, so if Americans are in Yugoslavia and Iraq, they should be in black Africa, too.

I have been where the decisions are made, and I assure you that that is the mentality the real Bush decisions are coming from. So Bush will go into black Africa again.

The fact is that Africa IS different. But there is no way Republicans will ever learn that, so let's make another point here.

Republicans are always trying to prove something to Democrats. It is when Republicans try to prove something to Democrats that they create a disaster. That is what happened in Somalia.

Conservatives are always trying to prove something to liberals. It is when conservatives try to prove something to liberals that they create a disaster. That is the danger in Liberia.

We will go into Liberia to prove that liberals and Democrats are wrong about the conservative and Republican attitude toward black Africa.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.