So we know where liberals and conservatives are coming from on Iraq. Where is Bush coming from?


And I mean that literally.

Bush has no goals and no aims. His policy is entirely a result of what he does not want to do and whom he does not want to offend.

You can easily explain where every country on earth and stands on an Iraq war. You could have predicted that liberals would be promoting American self-hatred and conservatives would be out there in a pack baying for more uniforms.

Bush is reacting to all that.

If you took President Johnson's Vietnam War seriously, you can probably take Bush's War on Drugs and the War on Terror seriously.

After all, Johnson's two Wars came from exactly the same place that Bush's Wars come from.


Johnson fought the Vietnam War because he couldn't just give Vietnam to the Communists without a fight. But a liberal cannot fight an all out war against a Peace Loving People's Republic like North Vietnam. All out war is only for rightist states like Hitler's.

Johnson's Vietnam policy was that he couldn't back down and he couldn't fight. So he just let the war escalate until America was bled dry.

The difference is that we can whip Iraq. So, like his father, Bush will win his war and lose out later. He wants to give America to Mexicans, not Arabs.

Bush's wars on drugs and terror come from the same Nowhere.

Bush can't legalize drugs if he wants conservative votes and he can't crack down on drugs because liberal minority "leaders" and the ACLU would attack him if he did. He can't fight drugs and he can't back down. That's where the present War on Drugs comes from.

Nobody in Washington wants to deal with illegal aliens or the "diversity" that makes terrorism inevitable in the United States. So Bush makes the conservatives cheer by putting Americans in uniforms and waving flags and building up the military. All those uniforms get conservative minds off the fact that we are not protecting our own borders, which is the whole point of having people in uniform.

Bush won't fight and he can't back down. That's where the War on Terror comes from.