BUSHWHACKED | 2004-12-04

On November 2nd the respectable conservatives won a big election. The so-called "religious right" turned out in droves to support their man. For the first time white people in "flyover country" began voting as a bloc, even if they didn't see it that way or understand it at the time.

Bush has said he wants to take advantage of the political capital he gained in the election. So of course, he completely ignores the people who put him in office. Actually, he spits right in their faces. He is now DEMANDING amnesty for 10 million illegals. He is appointing a cabinet that "looks like Mexico."

Bush is rewarding the people who voted for him by DEMANDING their displacement. In the mind of a "respectable conservative" like Bush, Hispanics and other non-white immigrants are the same as whites, only with darker skin and an accent.

Of course, if you are a regular WhitakerOnline reader, you know that whatever is "in the mind of a respectable conservative" has no relation to honor, decency, or loyalty. It has no concept of actually doing something FOR its own constituents.