Steve Forbes was on CNN's Crossfire. As soon as he mentioned his flat tax idea, Bill Press pointed out that his staff had studied it. He said that they had found out that Forbes would save tens of millions of dollars under the flat tax. Press said that was why Forbes wanted the flat tax.

Like all liberals, Press plays for blood. He knows how serious political power is. He gets personal any time he feels that will help his cause. For a liberal his principles come first, and respectability be damned. Press made one conservative walk off the show by accusing him of being a hypocrite. Press plays hardball.

All this is fair. The show is called "Crossfire." But what I want everybody to notice is that no conservative will ever use such hardball tactics against Press.

Bill Press is always against mandatory sentencing for rapists or killers. And Bill Press always says that he is in favor of gun control, but not against legitimate self-defense. But every place people like Press are in power, they pass laws which give MANDATORY one year sentences to anyone who carries a gun or a can of mace for his own defense.

This is true in New York. This is true in Washington, DC. This is true wherever people like Press gain power.

Has any conservative, including Pat Buchanan, ever mentioned this? Of course not. It would offend Press.

No professional conservative would ever play actual hardball with his liberal master. Principles are not that important to ANY professional conservative.