Jerusalem with its Old Testament history is the third most important holy city of the Islamic faith. Mecca is the first, and for Moslems Saudi Arabia is the Holy Land. I have met many leftist Moslems who wanted revolution everywhere else, but opposed revolution in the very homeland of their religion.

It was a violation of his Holy Land that made Bin Laden our enemy.

Bin Laden did a great deal to battle the Communist invasion of Afghanistan. In that war he was America's ally.

The final straw in making Bin Laden our open enemy was when American troops who were not Moslem came into his Holy Land by the thousands. In other words, he believes that the Holy Land should belong to God's Chosen People.

Emma Lazarus, who invented the term "melting pot" as the purpose of America, believed exactly the same thing Bin Laden does. She too wanted a homeland for God's Chosen People. Emma Lazarus was a Zionist who declared that America was for everybody else, but there should be a homeland for Jews only.

The only difference between Emma Lazarus and Bin Laden is that she thought the Jews were God's Chosen people and he thinks Moslems are the Chosen People (October 31, 1998 -- FIVE WORDS AND EMMA LAZARUS ).

Emma Lazarus agreed with Bin Laden. Every national fundamentalist spokesman I have heard so far agrees with both of them.

Every national "Christian" leader I have heard from demands that America be a melting pot. They are in the forefront of sponsoring, demanding and pushing interracial international adoptions to further that goal.

These "Christian" leaders also insist that the purpose of our American melting pot is to fight to preserve the State of Israel as the Holy Land for God's Chosen People the Jews.

Now comes the sick part. Unlike Lazarus and Bin Laden, these "leaders" do not believe the Chosen People are their own people or even those who share their faith.

When I state these obvious facts, I am attacked for being both anti-Christian and anti-American.

All that I am saying about fundamentalists is what I say about every other group: their national spokesmen are selling us out. That goes along with Whitaker's Law of National Spokesmen

1) The media choose who will be the "national spokesmen" for any group.

2) The media will not give exposure to anyone who seriously challenges the basic media line.

3) If you spout the basic media line, you have to sell out America, white people and anything else a decent white gentile should have affection for.

4) Everybody's National Spokesmen must therefore sell them out.

I recently got a letter from a fundamentalist who said that religion and integration were the same thing to her. Since I did not agree with that, she accused me of being happy about all the nonwhites who were killed by the terrorists. She said she hoped I would find God.

In other words, if religion and integration were not the same thing to me, I was a bigot who wanted to kill women and children and I was unGodly.

Now for the clincher: This was NOT an angry letter. It was what such people consider a routine statement that they have right to make to me. I get similar ones regularly.

You see, these people have the right to attack my patriotism and my faith, but I have no right to question theirs.

Sorry, I won't play that game.