"Would you fight your brother? Would you fight for the rights of another?" These words are the mantra of the History Channel. These words embrace our present idea of American idealism.

Meanwhile in California the front runner for the governorship is a Hispanic who has already been elected lieutenant governor. He belongs to a Hispanic organization whose motto is, "Everything for our race, nothing for others."

Lieutenant Governor Bustamente of California has refused to renounce or to denounce this group.

Conservatives are offended by Bustamente's stand.

I'm not.

Hispanic voters in the United States have made it very, very clear that their only loyalty is to Mexico. If you want the Hispanic vote, you give everything to illegal immigrants: welfare, tuition, preferences, driver's licenses, and no questions asked. I am a political realist, so I don't go into my Moral Outrage Act the way conservatives do.

The reality is that Hispanics who happen to be born in the United States are loyal to Mexicans.

What offends me is not that Hispanics who happen to have been born in the United States demand everything for Mexicans. America gave them the vote and they have a right to do whatever they want to with it.

The sicko here is not the Mexican who happens to reside in the United States. Like any other normal human being, he favors the people who look and talk like him. That's how evolution works. That's the only reason there ARE people who look and talk like him.

Survival of the fittest has no mercy on a group that does not seek its own preservation.

It is not "American" Hispanics who are the unnatural ones. The sicko here is the guy who says, "Kill your brother. Kill for the right of someone else to vote for their own people against mine."