Whites have the only society that does not aim for Perfection. That is so basic it's hard to explain.

Oriental philosophy always aims for a final perfect society. They went straight from that to Marxism, which is the same thing. A planned economy is part of a planned society that in turn assumes that all the Intellectuals have to do is to tell us what Perfection is and plan for it.

Like children, Wordists spend all their time bitching about inequalities of income and so forth that make us less than perfect. They tell us THEY have the Solutions to "problems."

But our society is unique precisely because we do not just solve problems our Prophets of Wisdom see. The greatest things we have today came as total surprises. The fact that we were too hot in the summer was not seen as a PROBLEM. No Intellectual saw air conditioning as a solution to a problem.

All the societies that considered hunger a PROBLEM failed to foresee the solution to it in unimaginable advances in food productivity. They saw it in terms of a static, planned population and a static utopian society. Like children, they saw only what was in front of them.

Only whites show any sign of being at home in reality. We expect endless change, and we try to make things BETTER. BETTER, unlike Utopia, has no limits. But it also means no one can PLAN for Perfection. So I go for the best genes in order for white future generations to make things BETTER.

My concept of the future is what WORKS, not some IDEAL. I cannot see any end to what my approach will do. Right now Wordists are destroying everything that is good for their particular Utopias. To me those Utopias are stagnant ant colonies like the much-worshipped Ancient Egypt or the equally defunct USSR.

All I offer is white people with better genes. The glory of it is the opposite of Utopian. I have no idea what the society whites with better genes will produce will look like. If I did, I would be a Wordist offering Utopia.

In other words, I would be childish and should not be trying to Porch Talk.

I do not know what the society whites with better genes would build would will be like. I do know I would like to live in it: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is still the best maxim I can imagine.