Our entire concept of war comes from the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation. They were tossed into a conflict smarter people had long since predetermined, and as kids they didn't actually get caught running away when the guns went off. That is, the third of them who ever HEARD a hostile shot fired.

They have therefore spent sixty years marveling at their own bravery. They're in love with themselves to an extent that one can honestly say that a whole generation of Americans has spent sixty years in masturbation mode. And THAT, boys and girls, is where we get the idea of what WAR is. So it seemed odd that I said below that whites lose large numbers to miscegenation, as happens in any all-out war.

Clausewitz said that diplomacy was war by other means. He was a military man, so he looked at shooting war as the basic. Actually World War II was decided by people in coats and ties long before the first Greatest Generation type ever put on the costume he touches himself over. By the time he got to the point he worships, the WAR was already decided.

WAR is the life-and-death struggle. It doesn't matter HOW you are destroyed. The fact that blacks feel their inferiority to an incurable extent is seen in how they demand black guys get blond girls. That is their bottom-line demand. That is the Jews' bottom-line demand. That is what integration was all about. WAR has nothing to do with costumes or gunfire. Even in the case of the costumes and rifles, war is seldom a matter of racial survival, in any sense of that term.

Get off the gunfire crap. We are in a far more serious war than any of those that were declared throughout history.