One more thing about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, these two phony do-nothings worship words, as Bob would say. Remember the New Orleans Flood; you couldn't find a hide or hair from these two bums. When it comes down to really helping those in need they cannot do s***.

All the words in the world can not guide a group of blacks to shore in a boat or bring them food and water. When the racism angle finally surfaced the Jesse and Al came out of the wood work, but neither of these two idiots could hide the fact that whitey was manning the boats that were full of the black helpless victims.

So my advice to Jesse and Al is this, keep knocking up you tramps, keep calling New York Hymie town, at least then I know you're doing something that's not staged.

Comment by Alan B.


Juan Williams, the black liberal commenter on PBS, just came out with a book in which he defended a speech Bill Cosby made to the NAACP in its fiftieth celebration of the Brown decision in 1954.

Cosby's speech was the only one that would not have been made by Teddy Kennedy, and it broke the solid front.

The result was a chorus of outrage.

Cosby said that the 1954 decision constitute a deal between the black community and America in general: You give us a place in the mainstream and we will be as productive as anybody else. But, Cosby said, the black community has not lived up to its end of the bargain. The crime rate has gone up, fifty years after that decision blacks are still saying that every failing they have is because of slavery.

In other words, in a community that used to say, "Tell it like it is" he told it like it is. He said he was sick of blacks never blaming black CRIMINALS for the stereotyping of blacks. He went on and on, making all the points that get one declared anaziwhowawntstokillsixmillionjews.

The result was that Juan Williams - not Walter Williams - had to write an entire book to defend Cosby's position. In the process, Juan Williams seems to have shed about all of his unquestioning Uncle Tom position towards white liberals.

I believe that what happened to Juan Williams was what happens to those who are exposed to the Mantra or other BASIC questions for the first time. As he wrote, he became more and more infuriated at how educated black like him had been hoodwinked and turned into serfs by white liberals.

And, to return to the point Alan B. makes above, Williams began to realize how the "black leadership" he is addressing has sold out for cash.

One thing history never mentions about all those treaties Indians made with whites were how it was routine for whites to just buy up the chiefs for a few gifts. Yes, they could READ. They didn't care what they signed if they got the right bribes.

Today's "black leadership" is appointed by exactly the same people who appoint our "respectable conservative" spokesmen. They make their living, a very fine living, making comments on national television that Teddy Kennedy would make.

If a Geronimo like Stokeley Carmichel shows up he will die the same way Carmichel and Geronimo did, in Africa or on an Indian reservation in poverty and by disease.

Meanwhile, the "black leadership," like respectable conservatives, does very well off the system just the way it is. And they will do so for exactly as long as they toe the line.