1) ***I*** really know what reality is because of my virtues.

2) ***I*** have "been there".

3) ***I*** am "tough and experienced".

In other words, the person who defines "reality" is talking entirely about HIMSELF, which is precisely what reality is NOT about.

This piece is one of the most important pieces on here in regard to they psychology of our enemies.

The old adage that if you have to tell someone what you are, then chances are you're not really what you claim to be holds true in all areas, doesn't it?

Comment by Mark

The Tough Guy approach is to learn "both sides" and to aggressively Question. But he is already into step two. His big concern is LOOKING doubtful, not in analyzing reality.

I always thought that meant he knew who was wrong and was protecting him. So when he puts on the Tough Guy image I'm thinking, "What a wuss!" He can tell he's not fooling me, so he gets pissed.


You got it!

All my life the people who chickened out did so by saying they were just being "realistic" and "experienced".

No member of the Masturbation Generation said, "I'm not going to go out there and get my butt beat with you". Instead they said, "I was In World War II and I made REAL SACRIFICES."

The Masturbation Generation never said, "I had my butt kicked into line and was taught to obey without question." Instead they said, "I learned out in the REAL WORLD that you just have to settle for things as they REALLY ARE."