Dave says,

TV is an irrelevant thing because of the Internet. The real minds on the Internet show through like a cop's 500-lumen flashlight. It has been fascinating to watch the Internet's influence on the markets. The whole market commentariat evolves together with lightening speed based upon the highest IQs. I can trace the influencers with complete transparency and immediately detect those who have failed their homework or whose intellectual horsepower isn't up to snuff.

You cannot easily understand what a relief this is to me. NOBODY but Dave has talked about what I have done, ALONE, for over a generation. People who are STILL bitching about the same old things surround me. On a greater of lesser scale, they are all waiting for a torchlight parade.

They tell me that JEWS control the telegraph and television so all that counts is a sudden, total revolution. IT will be very exciting and it requires little effort NOW.

They are the kind of people for whom the collapse of the Soviet Empire came as a total surprise, but who cover it by saying they knew it all along. Meanwhile there is a war going on.

IF those who made the world what it is today had thought like our group, they would have seen World War II as irrelevant. After all, Hitler was a right-wing racist, but the United States Army was segregated and the British had a nonwhite colonial empire that extended around the world. But they saw the underlying weakness, the potential for turning anti-Hitler into anti-white.

We don't DO that. Everything is either "THEY control it all right now and all is lost" or "Everything will suddenly change and there will be this torchlight parade after survivalism."

Meanwhile, our society was not destroyed by a torchlight parade and we will not win it back by a torchlight parade. NOTHING that CAUSED the collapse of the USSR was dramatic. It ended in a fizzle when the Red Army simply didn't show up.

In my last book, private schools rejected it because I kept using the word BULLSHIT in it. They were going to send Little Christian Johnny to universities without hearing a word like that.

NOW by some incredible coincidence, Penn and Teller have a series on cable called "BULLSHIT!" They attack gun control. They attack Holy Diversity ITSELF. They hit every target they CAN presently hit. They are O'Reilly-style libertarians but they don't attack US - so far - and they have found the good old American power of the word "BULLSHIT!"

What a coincidence!

Who, besides me and SysOps and Dave, would NOTICE this? We mention it and we get another repeat of the latest news: 1) Jews are very powerful and 2) Jews are using that power against the white race. That is useful introduction for rubes that STILL don't get it, but it has no place HERE, at command center where we are trying to trace the BATTLE.

So Dave, PLEASE describe this step-by-step progress to us. As Pain said, the overwhelming fact is that I am TIRED. I am TIRED of celebrating battle victories ALONE, while all other notice is that things have been going badly for a long time. If things hadn't been going badly for a long time, we wouldn't be IN this war!

A Prophet of Doom, like any other Prophet, is a FOOL. If he's a prophet, let him prove it by making a few billion on the stock exchange. Otherwise, let him shut the f**k up and let the grownups do the intellectual WORK. While Communists screamed for World Revolution, those who really destroyed us were working idea-by-idea, objective-by-objective.

I call this a graduate seminar because, as I say, "Bob's Underground Graduate Seminar (BUGS) is for people who have outgrown their college education, whether they had one or not." This is no place to tell us that we have enemies.

We KNOW that!

I want news from the front.

And ALL REAL FRONTS ARE INTELLECTUAL FRONTS. They are MORAL fronts. Even the official military history from West Point that I read a dozen times in my early teens stated simply, "A battle is won when the enemy is CONVINCED he is defeated."

The Union armies that broke and ran before Confederate forces they outnumbered three to one STILL outnumbered the Rebels three to one when they were in full retreat. They still had all those guns, and each gun had a barrel. But "Power comes from the barrel of a gun" didn't WORK in a real war.

I am getting desperately tired of being the only one who traces the changes that Dave talks about here, the fact that the Internet, not the telegraph or book publishing, is HERE. I am tired of doing the WORK of tracing IDEAS and NOTICING when we score a major move forward. There is plenty of room for people addressing the ignorant masses, an absolutely essential job. But BUGS is NOT the ignorant masses.

Dave, welcome aboard!