Conservatives have just adopted a "new" policy on crime. It calls for more parole, shorter sentences, and less prisons.

It is pure déjà vu. But ALL new conservative policies are déjà vu. The National Review article announcing this great new crime advance is exactly like the ones I read from liberals who were demanding all the same things in the 1950s. They were adopted and crime went out of control. Like the liberal articles then, the NR one carefully said that none of this was being soft on criminals.

Likewise, the new heroine of paleoconservatives declares the Tea Party's Worship Martin Luther King Day, while at the same time yelling about the borders not being protected. We kept telling conservatives that "a little bit of integration is like a little bit of pregnancy," once you start along that road you can't preserve ANYTHING.

I can tell you from personal experience that nobody, from open Marxist to pro-white, wants to hear plain political reality.

Those who won the media have a buyer's market. There is a huge glut of turncoat Southerners and respectable conservatives to choose from, and it doesn't take a Conspiracy to get them to select ex-school teachers like O'Reilly or pure wimps like Hannity. A Catholic with a Southern background like Buckley had an agonizing desire to be respected by his WASP Yale colleagues.

Underneath Buckley's genuine dislike of leftism was his groveling need for approval from the John Galbraiths of the world.

When James Edwards polled his listeners about who THEY wanted him to interview again, they chose me. In fact, the last time he interviewed me he told me he had twice as many listeners as he did when he had Bay Buchanan on, back when the Buchanan's were hot. But when his listeners chose me again, he was a bit embarrassed that he hadn't invited me on for six years.

This is to be expected. Bay Buchanan is a name one can tell other leaders about and get admired and praised for such a catch.

Even National Public Radio had me for few shows and when they realized what I had to say they dropped me -no surprise.

No one interviews me more than twice.

Not a single person I interviewed with had the Mantra right or could even cite the key words.

I wrote a number of articles for National Review, too. They were widely quoted and were not even heresy. They were simply too common sense.

And that, not heresy, is why I am so unpopular.

And why YOU are so unpopular.

When I explain that obviously the left is going to choose to argue with conservatives they consider reasonable, and who admit that every conservative policy of a generation ago was evil, and lead the lynch mob against anyone who takes the same stand they did back then, it is not exposing any conspiracy.

Hannity's boy Colmes was selected, and liberals were astonished to see that he was a complete wimp, just like the conservatives they choose.

Like the market system, the stable political system makes choices without any conspiracy to it. Just because something is predictable does NOT mean that it is a plot.

In fact, like the free market, the system organizes itself much more effectively than any conspirators could.

It goes like this: a liberal policy is introduced, tried, and fails. A generation later conservatives pick it up, and, no matter what a failure it is in practice, it becomes "the way America works," adopted by BOTH sides.

In the meantime, instead of noticing the pattern, the paleoconservative screamers and the Conspiracy types yell.

So we get a Sara Palin declaring a worship MLK Day while leading the shouting about what happened to our keeping Mexicans out.

The more you fit into the system, the more publicity you can get. Anyone who fits at all into the system doesn't want to hear from me. But that is not because they are not sincere. A violence-demanding extremist is far more welcome to the system than I am. Someone who demands that you read huge books and adopt more World Views in order to oppose obvious insanity is far more welcome than any BUGSter.

And that is in ALL parts of the system, the Bad Guys AND the Good Guys.

Both the white hats and the black guys have a role in the movie, but they are united in opposing anyone saying on screen that it IS a movie.