No non-white can hate whites the way Obama's mother did. To a white traitor, the ultimate virtue in life is hating white people. White anti-whites always say, "I can't be anti-white because I am white." That is basic to their worldview. Non-whites can be anti-white, but a white can say the same thing and he is just being objective.

White anti-white white gentiles are convinced that when they say the same things about white gentiles that Hitler said about Jews, including that whites have to be removed from the world, it is jut a form of self-sacrifice for Objective Truth.

Even the most rabid anti-white outside the race itself has some limitation on his ABILITY to hate us. Family members for exactly the same reason commit most violent crime. A non-white will feel we are DIFFERENT and therefore evil. Anti-white white feels we are Pure Evil.

It scares a lot of people that Obama went to the Rev. Wright's anti-white church. What they do no realize is that Obama's mother made Wright look like a wimp. So in this sense I see Obama's background is far MORE anti-white than the most alarmists think.

But Obama has a saving grace. Like Clinton, Obama is a sociopath. His father was an African, a Kenyan, and I know Africans pretty well. A half-AFRICAN who has a white IQ and truly African outlook is the perfect YUPPIE. He is a sociopath from the word go, and a sociopath from the word is the perfect YUPPIE.

If Obama were white his background would make him would be a true anti-white fanatic. But Obama has no loyalties. What he says is what he is, and, like Clinton, it never occurs to him to believe anything or to be truly for or against anything.

In Africa, the dialogue is perfectly reasonable from both points of view. A white will convince an African that something is TRUE. The African will agree completely. What every European has to learn is that to the African it does not MATTER what is true.

We have the same problem with Germans. They are fanatical about the literal truth to an extent that is often ironic to us. Take that puzzlement to the cube power and you will see how we look to Africans. This is something every European who lives in Africa has to adjust to.

Why do people say things? An African has utterly different goals. He says things for a reason, not because they are true. This is an incomprehensible attitude to us, so we assume it is an unnatural attitude. A good education will "cure" it. Political correctness requires us to believe that all difference in attitudes are a matter of words.

I believe that, in the long run, the different mentalities in Whites, Blacks and Orientals come from the people themselves, not from books. You simply cannot compare the Chinese version of Communism with that of the USSR.

I believe the people create the books. Political correctness believes that the books make the people. This is easy to argue with because of the feedback effect. You can give endless examples of exceptions and complications.

This is exactly what I dealt with in teaching economics. You cannot run an economy without the basic rule of supply and demand. The USSR proved that, and China is adopting the pricing or supply and demand, the "price system" as part of its Communism.

Scientists have noticed that a force is moving the earth off its axis. That is Karl Marx spinning in his grave. He said all value was labor time. His whole point was to get rid of the market.

Through the years attacks have been made on supply and demand. Those attacks have plenty of truth in them. But cutting through the crap,. We have learned that you simply cannot run a real-world economy if you IGNORE supply and demand.

Attacks on genetics certainly have a point. But you cannot have a rational view of the world if you adopt the Marx-like outlook of political correctness that genes do not exist. Your societal theories will lead to the same total disaster the USSR's got from totally denying supply and demand.

For example, without knowing about real Africans, you can't understand Obama.