This got me thinking about the book, Black Sea Sketches, I got from "Chronicles" a few years back. The author, William Mills, mentions in passing that the bottom of the Black Sea is still fresh water (I'm going from memory). The first I'd ever heard of this was in some of Zecharia Sitchin's stuff. He mentioned it as proof of the validity of "great floods," particularly THE GREAT FLOOD. I didn't make much of it at the time, but immediately took notice when Mills made the same comment in a "respectable" publication (I suppose there are different levels of respectability, eh?). Anyway, Sitchin also makes a big deal in his cosmology about Mount Ararat. I actually couldn't find it on the map until I read him - not that I'd been looking. I forget which one, but the view of Ararat from one of the Caucasus capitols is one of the most beautiful scenes on Earth. The picture is on the net somewhere. I wish I had a page reference from Mills' excellent book, but alas it has no index.

A Black Sea home is consistent with a lot of things, including the well-known arrival of European peoples from the nebulous "Central Asia." It also squares with the "Chinese" mummy discoveries. It never made sense to me that we would all and only have gone west.

To continue this stream of consciousness, let me also observe that when the Central Asia exodus is mentioned (which isn't often), along with a complete lack of specific starting point (and thus complete lack of archeology, which is inexplicable) is a complete lack of reason; what passes as "explanation" is that we were run-out by some nasty pre-historic Ghengis Khan types. This is nonsense not just in retrospect but also in light of the logistics necessary to carry out such a move.

The Black Sea would fit all of this to a T.

It's the salt water at the bottom with some freshwater at the top (density, duh). I now think Mills was saying that there are freshwater fossils aplenty there-and that's what was news to me.

Comment by CL


his is the kind of thinking that makes me happy. What I said reminded CL of some BASICS that had not gelled in his mind.I

have a special problem here. If I were a Wordist trying to leave my WORDS to you, this would be easy. I would just quote Chapter 5, Verse 2 of Whitakerism. But what I really want is exactly what your entire education has been dedicated to making you reject as a reflex action.

COMPLETE that line of thinking that you didn't complete. Tie together things that do not tie together.

It was called THINKING FOR YOURSELF, and I am honestly terrified that it will die out with me.

And that last sentence made me tie two things together that others would not think of. We have been speaking of ourselves as a wolf pack. When my time as lead wolf is over, I want to be sure this pack is ready to be sicced on the "intellectuals."

I want all the mental predation back in you that they leached out. You will be looking for the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING BUT the truth. You will smell the stink in Truth. When you hunt the truth you hunt down our enemies.