In the Partisan Dictionary I wrote regularly for the Southern Partisan over twenty years ago I defined, sort of, the melting pot:

Melting pot - n., by definition, a melting pot is nothing specific. Anyone who can be deeply loyal to nothing specific is desperate need of psychiatric care.

Lenin kicked one of his female admirers out of his luxury home in Switzerland in 1914 when she said she understood Russians who felt patriotism with the beginning of the War. Lenin declared that patriotism had no place, no place whatsoever, in Communism.

Lenin carried this principle to an extreme no one else would have imagined. When JEWS showed up at the International saying that all nationalism was evil, and then insisted, of course, on sitting as a bloc, Lenin did not even let THEM do it! This is fanaticism no one today would understand.

In 1941 when Germany invaded Russia, Communists declared the struggle against Germany The Great Patriotic War. Most Russian refugees who came back to fight fought on this Patriotic side. The very name of the War shows that Russians, at home or abroad, would not have fought that hard for Communism, but only for Mother Russia.

But Soviet Russia was not Russia, and those who fought for it got what they deserved. As soon as the war ended, Russians who had come back to fight for the USSR were rounded up and sent to the Gulag.

These refugees assumed that the takeover by aliens had to be by force. So they saw the Germans, and only the Germans, as alien occupiers, just as Churchill saw only Germany as an invader of Poland. Fighting for ANY alien occupation is treason. Mommy Professor is as much of an alien occupier as Arab terrorists.

We have this same problem with most of those who are presently engaged in genocide against the white race. They think that as long as you can't smell gas ovens going, it isn't genocide. But just as an alien occupier doesn't have to do it by force, genocide does not require killing. You can get rid of a people, which is what genocide is, in many ways.

It is still genocide.

By the same token, any loyalty you have, any whatsoever, to the present occupation, is treason. I have no loyalty whatever to a nation of immigrants. I have no loyalty whatsoever to the institutions which use the name of Christ.

My family was in the Methodist Church since Wesley. We didn't leave it. It left us. We were all Democrats in the Solid South until the Democrats left us. Those who went with the aliens must be made to answer for it.

When the very existences of people who look like us in jeopardy, there is no room for loyalty to any other cause. Man is a visual animal, white people most of all, and you can SEE what is being done. As Dave says, it is so obvious that we have to be brainwashed not to notice it. So there is no room for any other cause. Every institution is hostile to our race's existence. Any loyalty to them, a dime in a collection plate, is treason.

Treason today is mostly an indifference to what is being done. If you help any institution that joins in that indifference, evangelical or Catholic, that is treason. If you join a movement just to maintain the borders of a melting pot, that is treason.

We can go back to bitching about theocrats and "patriotism" when OUR Great Patriotic War is over.