I realize that they were interbred out of existence, that's why I mentioned the 'demographic time bomb'. The point is, those ancient Aryans could have ensured there was no mixing by either the mass slaughter or expulsion of their subject peoples. But they didn't.

The Aryans in India constructed an entire religion and social system based on the separation of the races, but it still didn't save them. The high caste Indians today may be lighter skinned, but they aren't Aryan.

So the question remains - what is it within us that make us unable to prevent ourselves being interbred to death?

Comment by Richard


The Indian caste system did work amazingly well. Buddha and the Indian who brought Kung Fu to China were born a thousand years apart, but both had lotus-blue eyes. Buddha was a total Wordist, but he was just a part of the mentality that destroyed the whole point of the caste system.

But caste left a mentality in India. The time will come when it is the INDIANS who will insist on children who are not just white skinned, but ARYAN.

But the answer to your question is that at this moment, race is all a matter of Politically Correct crap. I just wrote two articles about the fact that the less real an issue is, the more PC BS, and I don't mean High School, dominates the subject. But in the new century, except for a few New Amish, your children's' genes are going to be ENTIRELY a matter of choice.

New Amish parents will have children who simply can't compete. There will no more practical question in 2100 than exactly what genes your children will have. No one but me is going to see that time coming.

You think people worry about whether their kids will be able to go to COLLEGE? You ain't seen NOTHING yet!

There is one titanic, GENERIC difference between everybody and me in authority today.

I'm right. Not only that, but I KNOW I'm right, and I am willing to take anybody on. I am willing to have my reality take on anybody else's. My disadvantage, as you well know, is simply that the bullshit specialists specialize in saleable bullshit.

People do not want their children to be ugly. Political Correctness modeled an ideally beautiful tri-racial woman as the Beauty of the Future. Meanwhile, back on planet earth, as soon as Baywatch came out, it was the most popular show on earth.

In colored countries, too?

ESPECIALLY in colored countries. Swedish girls in southern Europe always got their backsides pinched off. Even Italian beauties like Gina Lollabrigida had BLUE eyes. This is the reality absolutely everybody knows and Political Correctness must devote massive resources and the Thought Police to fight, and it keeps seeping out anyway. But as long as you had no responsibility for your children except "being in love and having some guy in a dress scream "SHAZAM!" you could do all the Politically Correct horseshit.

But in one and at most two generations YOU will have to choose, YOU will have the full responsibility, for your children's' genes. This takes the whole argument out of the hands of the Bullshit Brigade. Your children will be there to TELL you about the choice you made. How many billions of miles is this future reality from the daily fight against mixing that the caste system represented?

When the choice gets serious, only the people BOB influenced will have been thinking about it that way for DECADES before.