So often you write something that I was "just saying the other day" I have realized the " both sides" are missing it and I realize the natural corruption of institutions. I just wish I had a better grasp of what to look AT. Most of my hope comes from looking at the corruption and seeing that it is too ludicrous for words and can't last.

But seeing beyond that, I haven't yet. So many people that I know, and frankly, the only ones I know personally are white, are just bone tired. But even that exhaustion says something. I think they would turn off the damned basketball games in a minute if they saw something else.

Comment by Shari


This is where my institutional memory serves you EXTREMELY well. While others here may be old enough to remember what I do, they have not been in the middle of this battle decade after decade. As you guessed, the exhaustion you describe is WONDERFUL for us.

No one BELIEVES any more. It is time for those of us who THINK to fill the vacuum.

All through history, people BELIEVED. Everyone in Islam was convinced that his belief was the only one, thought they were all fully aware that tens of million of others believed in their own faith just as deeply.

When a Janissary, robed and chaste, fell back from killing a Knights Templar, equally robed and chaste, with one arm gone, he knew very well that that Knight Templar had been just as sure of his faith as had the Janissary. But it didn't dent his faith.

That, by the way, is where the title "El Cid" comes from.

In the 1950s, almost all the non-sociopaths BELIEVED. Some were unreconstructed Rebels, some were disciples of Mommy Professor, but everybody BELIEVED.

Back then a professor was SOMEBODY. A priest was SOMEBODY. Each had followers each had believers.

The flood of information today is not new. But it is unprecedented. When the printing press first hit Europe, it turned our whole world upside down.

All social animals seek a leader and a belief. Without it we get the Lone Wolf Syndrome. One of the basic keys to understanding a dog is to realize that they are far more social animals than WE are. A lone wolf dies very quickly.

The trainer making it clear to him that YOU are the master usually cures a dog that acts like a hyperactive child. Dogs cannot stand a Randian world. They want to take orders.

The human reaction to this same situation is discouragement. It is exhaustion. They feel in their inner being that, as they grow up, there will always be an authority, a pecking order, a TRUTH they can take for granted and go on with their lives.

Which drives us nuts. Really, they just want to find their pack and go on with their lives. America has never been as happy or as energized as it was right after Pearl Harbor or at the beginning of the first Gulf War or on September 12, 2001, when everybody knew who the enemy was.

Now let's go back to my institutional memory. In the 1950s everybody had a PACK. Communists, Mommy Professors, rednecks, Objectivists, Tridentate Catholics, stomping preachers, each was a self-assured camp. Only the ones who simply couldn't decide seemed WEARY.

If you will, at long last, LOOK at my entries in the antis section, you will see that mine is the ONLY approach that no one can DEAL with. My concepts are at home in the information flood. My concepts are the ONLY ones that were DEVELOPED FOR the information flood.

What makes you and Pain and Brian and other of our regulars here tired is that your pack is too SMALL. You have the Lone Wolf tiredness, but it is ENTIRELY different from the one you describe.

Once you have been here a while, you know you will never be able to join another pack with the uncompromising loyalty you really want.

Others feel exhausted because every Absolute Faith they look into gets shot down. Only blacks and Orientals have the luxury of a pack. Information does not get in their way.

Naturally the question is, how can we deal with the Oriental hordes when there are so few of us?

Ask the Sarge. That is how sergeants were invented. They used to be called centurions.