You are seeing and writing BUGS about a process I have observed alone all my political life. That is, I would, by a long process, observe and think out the basic thing that needed to be done. Then I would package it and spread it.


So what I am talking about is not a process known to anyone else. You are the first group of people who has ever practiced this with me. We are observing the Mantra as it goes through familiar processes.

Nobody takes my ideas seriously, but they are used. A couple of years after I wrote The Academic Priesthood Ann Coulter wrote a book called Liberalism is a Religion. My wife was always upset about this sort of thing, about how people would ignore me and use my ideas after they sunk in.

I told her, as I have explained to you repeatedly that is what my ideas are FOR. But a woman who loves you wants You to get the credit. It drove her up the wall to see people so obviously quote me and ignore me.

In a speech I wrote for Ashbrook, I read the Mexican Constitution and quoted what THEY said the short shrift given to illegal immigrants in Mexico. A year or two later, as usual, a number of publications put these facts into the mouths of a number of their favored writers and featured them.

Even Ashbrook was not mentioned.

Then Lysenko died, all anyone at National Review knew about him was what I said in my first book. They had no idea Lysenko was important. He wasn't in New York. So their writer quoted me, almost verbatim, and then finished the piece with a quote from some New York writer they were courting at the time. Leaving the impression he was the source of their information.

I knew they were quoting me, not only from their words, but from the fact that one thing I said was wrong, and they quoted that, too.

My wife was livid, but it was part of the process as I did it and as we are doing it.

As I told you, someone used the Mantra as an intro and did it very well, and then went into their anti-Semitic tirade.

Soon, the genocide theme will be used by others, just as the Holocaust is used by buybacks for things like saying that welfare reform was Nazi or describing everything as genocide.

Almost every writer ends up fighting each distortion of his ideas, each theft of his ideas, and his last ones are the last ideas he comes up with. I won the battle and no one knew what I had done. In Washington many people knew I had done a LOT, but they weren't sure exactly what.

Soon the term "genocide" will be used by European groups to refer to anything but race. It will be genocide of Christians, genocide of Cultures, Genocide of the Foot-Pound System.

You will have to run into people who say "Oh, genocide again?"

Then you will recite the Mantra.

I had to deal with the gutless ones when I was on the street working where actual cops arrest you, demonstrations conservative were careful to take the Proper Position on. I became the only person who could actually SPEAK for what were then known as Wallace Democrats and were later respectfully referred to as Regan Democrats.

To get the millions of real votes these people had, you had to go and GET them. The gutless ones in that time, conservatives, like European parties today, have their eyes fixed on their fellow New Yorkers, who would disapprove of any real appeal to dirty old working people.

The Europeans want to use the ideas, but they don't want to make it racial. So the hybrid they come up with, like the hybrid conservatives used until 1980, will not cause howls by the respectable people.

Europeans will call it genocide with Moslems. They will use genocide about Culture.

They will not hit at the only real genocide that everyone knows is going on.

No, they won't cause howls. They will be laughed at.

You will probably run into this sort of thing, and you will probably be scandalized by it.

But that is a part of the process. It is part of the price I paid, over and over and over.

But in each case I won and they lost. That is the point.