Historians, who have never had anything to do with real power, look at revolutions this way:

The whole world is headed one way, then a group of True Revolutionaries work day and night and turn it completely around.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Lenin and Hitler turned NOTHING around. They did not bring on the Russo-Japanese War or World War I or the German Depression. They were on the scene at the right time and used world crises to impose ideas that had been circulating around.

I realized that when I was a teenager. So I figured out a method to cut the process short. I have an almost unerring idea for what the next big crisis will look like. I figure out how to use those crises by formulating SALEABLE ideas and pushing them while everybody else is breathlessly telling each other about The Permanent Meat Shortage (Yes, there was one! Does anybody remember the Beefalo?).

Spreading ideas before their time is VERY hard to do, because I am circulating things that nobody has the slightest interest in at this moment. But that is exactly the secret. I know what WILL be the concept that is needed, and I formulate it and formulate it and formulate it, the way I did with Bob's Mantra. I worked on that little thing for YEARS.

And the way my formulation comes out of my typewriter at the end looks like something everybody has already been thinking about. It is obvious and undeniable, so everybody goes back to the Giant Oil Conspiracy or the little girl who was raped by an illegal alien or how bad Jews are.

But my bomb has been planted, and the time comes, and out it pops.

The simple two words, "respectable conservatives" is beginning to get more and more conservatives to move in my direction. Pat Buchanan's Death of the West would NEVER have appeared without my influence, though he doesn't know it. I plug away at something only I know I am working on to the point where I am a joke, but my point gets made.


So what do BOB's REVOLUIONARIES look like? They look like YOU.

Historians tell us that revolutions are started by desperate conspirators meeting in the dead of night, living in hovels and working ninety hours a week at revolution?

No way. The REAL revolution begins with one person having his ideas expanded on and spread by people who find them interesting. People who found them interesting spread Marxism and DeGobneau's ideas, but they were also talking about the Kaiser and McKinley.

Before the crisis, people who find them interesting talk up revolutionary ideas. THEY ARE BELOW THE RADAR.

Canadian authorities seized my last book, but they had to make it legal becuase it was all below the radar. I am very good at that because I have been operating below the radar in political writing for decades. After surviving in politics for decades, Hate Laws are no challenge at all for me.

I was the only one who showed up on Fox TV. I do the radio interviews. If you knew power, you would see the importance of this. Nobody knows anything about me except that I was a Reagan appointee and everything I say is infuriatingly acceptable, because it is so true that everybody assumes they already thought of it.

That is Clinton's Triangulation with a vengeance! And I used it when Clinton was in grammar school.

I discuss the Jewish hatred for whites in my last book, but I do it with the specific example of Franz Boas, and his strategy of Jews leading all the minorities has been talked about at length on PBS! But someone who sees Bob's Mantra in my book and my discussion of Boas begins a trip where he begins to see the world for what it is.

If you look at National Review, you will find conservatives hiding behind Lincoln more and more. They can say they are conserving the America Lincoln built. So I use the Preamble Party. Every day Americans are more and more frustrated that their government is not interested in THEM.

I have pushed them from their 1970s position, where even Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran were totally pro-immigration, to a solidly "border enforcement" position. So SF is still urging its members to send in telegrams about amnesty programs. I am after the NEXT target.

I am tying things together about REAL power right here that you can find nowhere else.