According to every selective breeding theory about humanity, the Middle East should have the greatest geniuses on earth. The top man was allowed to have four wives and before that any number of concubines. The best genes would have proliferated, the way they do in the animal kingdom in most social animals, where dominant males have herds of females.

I do not think that anyone can look at the societies where harems and concubinage proliferated and detected a Master Race there. But all the theories that say that society is just a bunch of individuals with Family Values, the Work Ethics, and high IQ's would find all the geniuses there.

Not only is that not the case, NONE of the geniuses in those countries stands a chance.

Before we butterfly off this base, let's take a look at how BASIC this is. Let us see it CONCEPTUALLY. Building societies on individuals has been tried. It has not only failed, it has been history's main disaster. One Chinese designer of computer ware may be a useful citizen, but China as a society, without white CONCEPTS, is a stagnant ant heap.

A melting-pot building on individual qualities is not only not successful, it is catastrophic. If there were a single society where it worked, the Bell Curve would tell you it would have a hundred times as many geniuses as any other country.

One more time: It is not that this just didn't WORK. It was, in every single case, a catastrophe.

It doesn't matter how a society respected personal merits to the detriment of being WHITE, the result was ALWAYS a catastrophe.

I want some concepts as to WHY that is true. There are a million people getting paid to prove that it isn't. Nobody spends that kind of money trying to disprove and outlaw something unless it is an almost impossible job.