Joe Rorke

Well, glad to see you finally fess up about Paul Craig Roberts being the "Craig Roberts" you were referring to along with Pat Buchanan in that piece of some time ago that you wrote, Bob.

I didn't want to have to badger you about it but I did want to be sure of the person you were referring to in that piece. I like what Paul Craig Roberts is doing. I don't see William Rusher or George Will or Cal Thomas or a whole pack of what you call "respectable conservatives" doing what Mr. Roberts is doing.

It takes guts and brains to do what he is doing. If we don't hold this un-flushed toilet bowl of a country together I don't see how in the world we can do anything else worth doing.

Comment by Joe Rorke


Rusher and Will and Thomas are making a very good living at what they do.

When I ask commenters to cut and paste Bob's Mantra, I get the response that they "have lives," they have to make a living, they have to raise their kids, and they can't spare time for this last priority.

Yet all those same commenters are very upset that Rusher and Will and Cal Thomas and the rest of them are not risking THEIR livelihoods by getting out there and taking dangerous stands.

Pat Buchanan was the top-paid columnist in America before he got out there. Craig Roberts edited the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

But they forsook on the priorities I keep getting lectured on here.

Will and the rest are doing exactly what commenters are so proud of doing: they had their living to make first. They have LIVES, you see.