When you say dump part of our population are you speaking of those are race mixing?

Every mixed race person will identify someway, most often with the non-white parent and much more rarely with the white. I know of a few cases where the grandchildren are only 1/8th non-white. Indian or Japanese.

But there has been an advantage in that I live in an area that is still dominantly white. But the PC universities and the black athletes are having an effect. Now the farmer's daughter is "not prejudiced" and gets pregnant by the black athlete. He usually takes off soon there after, but she keeps the baby for her parents to help raise.

We have to wake sleeping white people up. Right now, I think that is harder in an area that is dominantly white, than one that has the problem on their doorstep.

Comment by Shari


The reason we have continuing white flight is because we bring the poison with us when we run. We could get away with discriminating against those who are POLITICALLY evil, the ones who get the hell out of Dodge and then get guilt-stricken and create a new Dodge.

For all I know this is happening now in some places.

I would rather have a black family or two in an area than a set of race-mixing whites.

And if they won a court battle over THAT kind of discrimination, we would have a precedent to tear their whole house down.

Once ideological discrimination goes front and center, Political Correctness is doomed. In the longer run, and AFTER the Mantra, as whites move further and further out, this sort of discrimination will become fashionable, even if WE have to MAKE it so.

New Yorkers are already running all the way to Vermont. Rich people can afford enclaves in the big cities, but not the mass of whites. Like the Mantra, we will have to simply tell people not to bring the poison WITH them. Like the Mantra, they will have to learn that simple lesson.

Once anti-whites whites start being singled out, there will be places for whites to go.

And THAT is why PC requires EVERYTHING to be integrated. If a few communities develop that keep out anti-whites, most of the white population will head for them. Their home prices will be high, and the glorious multicultural communities anti-whites brag about will be where they will HAVE to live.

It's a funny thing about human psychology. Wherever you HAVE to live becomes undesirable.

This is one of a NUMBER of ways things can develop.