SIMPLE truth.

There are a million Truths, and hundreds of new ones daily. Every priest, guru and Marxist has one. There is only one truth, without the capitalization. But every form of Wordism as it own Absolute Truth, so we throw Absolute Truths at each other instead of talking rationally.

In a Wordist world we never say what we mean. Everything becomes an absolute, whereas every OTHER social animal lives in a balance of his wishes and group wishes. Modern Wordism developed when we still thought animals had no borders, fought no wars, and had a classless society, just like Rousseau's Noble Savages.

Old Wordism developed when we still believe Atlas held up the world and if the Pharaoh or Aztec Emperor didn't get out there and talk to the sky the sun wouldn't come up. We, post-modern adults, can't simply say we don't WANT intermarriage. We have to make it Objective.

At the same time, everybody is outgrowing this crap. That is where a lot of the fascination with the Sopranos comes from. People LIKE Tony Soprano. "But," we are told, "Soprano violates the System." Most of us would rather take our case in front of Tony's cold-blooded common sense rather than in front of two lawyers and a guy in a dress who treats the "jury" like the slaves they are.

Big successful lawyers talking at law school LAUGH at the idea that law has anything to do with justice. So do TV viewers. In fact, everybody has outgrown it but Professional Journalists and Mommy Professor and the like.

What I offer you is coaching in speak Postmodern English: "Cut the crap."

So the Mantra is the simple truth, hammered in. There is no substitute for it. There is no substitute for sticking to the point that today "racism" means exactly what "heresy" meant to the Inquisition and what "fascism" meant to the Communists and what "Communist" meant to the fascists.

If you complicate it, you are not just gabling the message. You are WRONG.

Our newest hammer-in point is, "Why do people say things?" S when someone gives you an academic "fact," like "race doesn't exist," the REASON that was said was because anyone who said anything else would lose his job.



There is NOTHING else here. You KNOW that. So if you say anything else, you are "overcomplicating," you are lying. And telling lies what everybody knows are lies is a BAD strategy. Moderate Republicans used it for a generation and it NEVER worked.

People should not be able to cite Communist economic figures for an obvious reason everybody knows NOW. People should not be able to cite "authorities" whose jobs, as everybody knows, is to toe the party line.

The point is that TODAY everybody KNOWS that academic is subject to Politically Correct terror. Two decades ago you still had to CONVINCE people of that. . But in a war like this, if you are STILL arguing the way you did two decades ago you are in the position of Iraqis who tried to face 1990 weapons with 1980 Soviet stuff.

The world has moved on, but too many of us are still using the same old crap we used in the 60s.