Okay Bob, Enough already!!!!! Are you starting the Preamble Party for real, and if so, how can I/we help, and what do we need to do?

Comment by Mark


This gives me a chance to explain how I have exercised power.

Mark, you being very flattering, but the question is somewhat ironic.

You are asking me if I am going to form a political party when I can't even motivate my readers to copy and paste a short statement on the Internet.

It requires a past master to even SEE how I exert power. The Preamble Party is a masterstroke just as it is, as an idea that will be used. But how can I explain a lifetime of experience in using this kind of thing?

Every Great Historical Leader has done nothing but carry out an idea someone else thought of.

Everybody's heard of Hitler. Practically nobody has heard of Gobineau.

The concept that Political Correctness is a religion is already the subject of Ann Coulter's latest book, "The Church of Liberalism."

I spent many years urging the political effort that led to Wallace's ten million votes in 1968. I spent another twelve years in turning that into the Reagan victory that took out the Soviet Empire. I was indispensable to BOTH these processes, but I worked ALONE, with the same kind of in-and-our help from a few visionaries that I have gotten here.

In 1982 I was the only person a major publisher would have do The New Right Papers. I was the one National Review had a cover article attacking as the basis of what became the winning Reagan Coalition. But I could not have done any of this if I had dedicated myself to getting people off of their present obsessions and do what needs doing.

Everybody sees themselves as leading the giant marches we see historians writing about. But those historians know NOTHING about real power. Power does not mean being Fuhrer. Power does not mean leading a Giant March. Power does not "come from the barrel of a gun!" as the old drunk kept screaming in New Orleans.

Power means changing the world.

I have the kind of satisfaction a rich man would have if he had gotten the Mona Lisa stolen and a successful copy put in its place in Paris, and he owned the REAL Mona Lisa himself. Only I can see the strings I have on the puppets.

I win big and I lose big, but I am the only one who can SEE the game.

Some of my opponents can see me, but very, very few, and you won't hear about THEM.

I get a kick out of conspiracy theories, because they are so far away from where the REAL game is. They know there is a game, but they have not the slightest ability to understand how it is played.

Most people catch on early to the fact that SOMEONE is manipulating things, but they look to money and guns and offices.

The basic truth that power is being manipulated is easy to understand. But neither people in general nor the "intellectuals" have any ability to understand HOW this is done, any more than historians can understand the real history of power.

No, the Preamble Party will not get under way with people who cannot be bothered to copy and paste on the Internet. But it is an idea someone can USE.

It is directly on target. You will yak it up and it will reach someone who NEEDS it when the time comes, just as "The Church of Liberals" and the idea that the people we are fighting are a Religion is spreading like wildfire.

While others bitch that Reagan was a fake, I was able to stand on the Moscow River Bridge in December and give the Kremlin the finger, "I brought your whole goddamn machine down!" That's MY Mona Lisa.

I am going to stop here because I have found a group of invaluable seminar people, and they don't like long pieces.

Look at the sentence above. NOBODY can understand it but me. You see, the Band of Conspirators who Make History are supposed to be those who work day and night, who sacrifice everything, to Bring On The Revolution. So how can I call YOU my revolutionaries when you won't copy and paste and you don't even want to read a long piece from me?