Institutions have their own biology. They have a separate evolutionary process that may or may not gel with that of the people who make up the institution. People who evolve in the same areas tend to look alike. The same is true of institutions.

When people point out how similar the Great Religions are, they think they are saying that each one has the same truth. Actually the Great Religions have similarities in the same way that animals developing in similar environments have the same features.

All institutions are fundamentally anti-racist. National Socialism was fanatically anti-Jew, anti-democratic pro-militarist, nationalistic, anti-pornography, socialistic, anti-Communist and a long list of other things.

In Italy fascism was anti-racist before the rise of Hitler. As in all Latin countries, what was important was that you spoke Italian and identified yourself as Italian, regardless of the color of your skin.

One of the pleas a Nazi would use if he were up on charges was to select "race treason" in his plea-bargaining, because it was a relatively minor charge.

Every institution tends to become more and like those it is competes with. National Socialism had to balance its endless list of things it was against.

Even the caste system, which is called the "color" system in Sanskrit, lost all relevance to its real purpose when it faced Buddhism and other anti-racist institutions. The Reformed Church of South Africa, which only existed because of Boer identity, sold out the white race.

Putting your identity into an institution is a great deal like Sauron putting so much of his being into the One Ring. The institution inevitably follows its own evolution and you lose your children to it.

The fought a millennium-long reconquista in the name of their royalty and their Church. Once they had established their Church, though, it became as anti-white as any institution. The bigotry of Hispanics was turned against those who were Catholic, not those who were not white.

The reconquista was a fight of Europeans to reconquer Europe. Now "Hispanic" means non-whites fighting to take what whites have. This was Sauron's Error. They put their identity into an institution separate from their own biological identity.